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Michelle Amodio is a TMCnet contributor. She has written about companies and groups in several industries, but her main focus is on the technology sector. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

Latest Articles

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04/01/2014 Mojo Marketing Gives 'Mojo' to Telecom, IT and Cloud Industries
04/01/2014 Mojo Marketing Gives Mojo to Telecom, IT and Cloud Industries
04/01/2014 Orbcomm Offers Dual-Mode Communication Technology for Its Customers
04/01/2014 M2M Has Revolutionized Fleet Management
03/31/2014 New Market Analysis Takes a Look at Evolving HTML5
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03/21/2014 Cloud-based IP Telephony Proves Optimal Communications Benefits
03/21/2014 Call Recording, Speech Analytics Not Necessarily Mutually Exclusive
03/20/2014 Speech Analytics: Massive Growth by 2019, Impacts Call Recording Now
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03/10/2014 Master Agent Agreement Offers Payment Processing for Legal Marijuana Sales
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03/06/2014 Yahoo Discontinues Access to Its Services Via Facebook, Google
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03/05/2014 Hosted Phone Systems are Changing How We Do Business
03/04/2014 Call Recording as a Tool for Workforce Motivation
03/03/2014 Harness Cloud Storage for Better Analytics
03/01/2014 Network Packet Broker Week in Review
03/01/2014 Comings & Goings: Tech Execs on the Move
02/28/2014 White Label Distribution Offers a Different Type of Branding Strategy
02/28/2014 VoIP, Softswitch Gaining Global Momentum Year After Year
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02/27/2014 IP Telephony Helps Restaurants in the Middle East
02/26/2014 Mobile World Congress: NFC Couponing Coming to a Retailer Near You
02/26/2014 vMobile is a Game Changer for the Mobile Office, Mobile Providers
02/25/2014 Secure Data and Secure Access, Thanks to Out of Band Management
02/25/2014 iOS Flaw Lets Snoopers Track Your Touches, Similar to Keylogging
02/25/2014 Now There's a Study All About the Selfie
02/24/2014 Business Partnerships Mean Comprehensive Telecom Solutions
02/24/2014 Zuckerberg Wants Free Mobile Web Access for Everyone
02/24/2014 Mobile Security Company Tackles Cyber Bullying
02/24/2014 Think Like an Entrepreneur, Increase Sales
02/24/2014 Report Focuses On the Rise of the Enterprise App
02/22/2014 Comings and Goings: Tech Execs on the Move
02/22/2014 Network Packet Broker Week in Review
02/21/2014 UC Federation 101: How It Can Help the Enterprise
02/21/2014 SMS Coupons Help Businesses Boom
02/20/2014 Wi-Fi Rollout Benefits London Borough Businesses
02/20/2014 MyFitnessPal Acquires Coaching App, Sessions
02/20/2014 California Looking to Up the Ante on Educational Software Privacy
02/19/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Google Capital Launches Into Education with $40M Investment
02/19/2014 Google Capital Launches Into Education with $40M Investment
02/19/2014 Harsh Climate, Outages Highlight Importance of Power Protection
02/19/2014 As Landlines Phase Out, Business VoIP Becomes New Standard

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