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Tom Cross has three decades of experience in startups and consulting advisor with leading providers and venture capital companies in market planning and development, hardware/software design and development, project management, intellectual property in telecommunications, information technology, conferencing, teletraining, telecommuting, groupware, networks, call centers, internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. He has managed the successful development of more than 10 software, hardware and internet products to market and received industry awards for this work. He has authored 13 books including Knowledge Engineering – Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence for Simon & Shuster, wrote, produced and directed 15 commercial videos and created thousands of online e-learning tutorials on intelligent buildings, telecommuting, RFID-Radio Frequency IDentification, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol or IPT-Internet Protocol Telephony), VoIP security, artificial intelligence, networking, WiFi, WiMAX, CDMA and other wireless technologies.


Latest Articles

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07/14/2008 Wind Powered Electrical Power Systems: 'Blowing in the Wind, If Any'
07/10/2008 Packet Layer Concealment: Zero Insertion, Waveform Substitution, Model-based Methods
07/10/2008 Packet Loss Concealment, Zero Insertion, Waveform Substitution and Model-based Methods
06/23/2008 VPLS Extends VLANs into MPLS-VPNS
06/23/2008 SIP-Tips – Security Becomes Paramount – Critical Options
06/23/2008 OSI Understanding the Model of All Models
06/09/2008 Podcast - SIP/VoIP Attacks
06/09/2008 Economic Stimulus Package - SIP/VoIP - Quit Whining and Get On With It
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06/02/2008 Fundamentals of Bandwidth - An Introductory Tutorial
06/02/2008 Selling SIP: You Can't Sell What You Don't Know
06/02/2008 SIP Tips - How SIP Works Tutorial
06/02/2008 Software (plus) Services (equals) Hosted Exchange Mail and OCS Services
06/02/2008 Balancing Issues in World of Telepresence
05/09/2008 Free Training for Channel Partners on SIP, OCS, Digital Communications and other Advanced Networking Courses
05/09/2008 Voice Peering Fabric -- The Future of SIP Interconnections
05/09/2008 OCS Exposed - SQL-Structured Query Language for Telephony
04/23/2008 Virtualization - You Haven't Lost Your Mind, Just the Data
04/23/2008 OCS Exposed - Microsoft Media Stack
04/09/2008 Session Border Controllers & Media Gateways Soup Up SIP Communications
04/09/2008 A Few Words of Internet Security IDS
04/09/2008 OCS Exposed - SNAT/DNAT - Load Balancing
03/24/2008 100+ Million And Counting High-Speed Internet Access Lines - FCC Unleashes Data
03/24/2008 SIP Solutions in a Sinking Economy - 10 Reasons SIP Succeeds Now
03/19/2008 OCS Exposed: Inside Digital Certificates
03/19/2008 OCS Exposed: The More Bandwidth, The Better
03/14/2008 A Primer on SIP and VoIP CODECs
03/05/2008 IM or IMP… As SIMPLE As Pie
03/05/2008 OCS Exposed: IM Federations Rock the World
02/22/2008 Security Attack of the Day
02/22/2008 OCS Exposed - Practicing Safe OCS
02/06/2008 Explaining Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
01/30/2008 OCS Exposed - Velocity is Essential
01/24/2008 Attendees at ITEXPO East 2008 to Receive Critical Microsoft Research Report and Online Strategic OCS Training
01/17/2008 Upcoming OCS Training
01/17/2008 SIP-OCS Knowledge Assessment Test Available
01/17/2008 Introduction to OCS Telephony Features
01/17/2008 OCS Exposed - "Assimilation is Essential" - The End of the PBX & Hosted VoIP

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