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Doug Mohney has clocked over 20 years in the ICT arena between working in real-world businesses and writing about them. He has written for a diverse group of publications over the past dozen years, including Boardwatch, Mobile Radio Technology/Urgent Communications, The Inquirer, and VON Magazine, covering telecommunications, the Internet, and online video. Most recently, he has served at Editor in Chief of the Telecom and Digital Media Group at an online media publisher and Editor-in-Chief at VON Magazine (the pulvermedia incarnation).

His hands-on/real-world experience includes stints at two high-tech start-up companies, one that went public (DIGEX) and one that didn’t (SkyCache/Cidera). Joining DIGEX as employee number 10 in 1993, Doug had a ring-side seat to the trials and tribulations of a fast growing, VC-funded startup doing the boom growth years of the Internet. He can be reached at and blogs at


Latest Articles

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01/20/2015 Elon Musk's scary Plan to Rebuild the Internet in Space; Funded by Google, Made for Mars
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12/12/2014 An 'Hour of Code'? How about 5 minutes for Security?
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11/18/2014 Microsoft Continues its Opera Browser Move - More WebRTC to Follow?
11/18/2014 Forget ShoreTel, Mitel has just Started its Shopping Spree
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11/14/2014 It's Not Your Daddy's Microsoft Anymore
11/13/2014 Obama's Net Neutrality Trainwreck Supreme
11/12/2014 GENBAND Teams with QUOBIS on WebRTC Applications Control
11/12/2014 The Most Interesting Telcos in North America: CenturyLink, Frontier
11/11/2014 It's Official: SpaceX Getting into Satellite Communications Business
11/10/2014 Mitel Adds More to ShoreTel Bid, Likely not Enough (yet)
11/07/2014 ORBCOMM SkyWave Acquisition Big Move for Internet of Things (IoT)
11/07/2014 Microsoft Gets Free on Office Mobile Apps, Shakes Up Status Quo
11/07/2014 Rebooting Marketing with Real Time Communications
11/07/2014 Africa's Tech Boom Big for Real Time Communications
11/07/2014 Audience Adds Software, New Silicon and Features to Voice Processing Portfolio
11/06/2014 Revolutionary, Evolutionary or Path to WebRTC in the Contact Center?
11/06/2014 HP's Slow Boat to 3D Printing is Not Looking Good
11/05/2014 Orbital 'Go-Forward' Plan for Space Station Supply, Antares Rocket
11/04/2014 AT&T, Verizon Target VoLTE Interop in 2015, RCS Later
11/04/2014 Real Time Translation Next Value-Add to Real Time Communications
11/03/2014 Deutsche Telekom Starts HD Voice Transcoding between Wired, Wireless Networks
10/31/2014 As Goes the Enterprise in Real Time Communication, So Does Microsoft
10/29/2014 TMC Eyewitness Account: Orbital Rocket Blows Up on Launch
10/29/2014 The Big Boom in Competitive Carrier Fiber
10/27/2014 Microsoft Finally (sort-of) Joins WebRTC Community
10/24/2014 Mobile Industry Wants Money Making Codecs in WebRTC Specs
10/23/2014 Don't Forget Fiber When it Comes to
10/23/2014 Tablets Calmly Roll into Businesses
10/22/2014 Operators to Lose $14B in Revenue to OTT - Can Make Up with M2M, Big Data
10/21/2014 Google Should Buy Digium. Really
10/21/2014 Mitel Pushes for ShoreTel Purchase After Board Rejection
10/17/2014 Meeting Big Event Mobile Broadcast Challenges
10/16/2014 Expanding Real Time Communications through Satellite
10/15/2014 BroadSoft Adds WebRTC, Apple iBeacon Support
10/15/2014 Microsoft's Three Keys for IoT/M2M
10/10/2014 Real Time Communications: Ground Game, Air Game, or Both?
10/09/2014 HP Splitting Future Bets in 3D, New Computer Technology
10/09/2014 Microsoft's Best Hope is IoT
10/09/2014 For Competition, CLECs, Rural Carriers Getting Fair Access to Spectrum is Critical
10/08/2014 Last Mile: Coming to Grips with the Reality & Longevity of Local Loops
10/07/2014 Temasys Announcing Licensing for Internet Explorer, Safari WebRTC Plug-ins
10/06/2014 Ericsson Promoting 'Evolved' HD Voice
10/03/2014 Ericsson Open Sources Bowser and OpenWebRTC
10/03/2014 WebRTC vs. Ebola: It's Time to Bring Speed, Telemedicine & Distance Learning to the Fight
10/01/2014 How COTS Can We Go?
09/30/2014 NFV Promises and Realities
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09/24/2014 WebRTC Camera Holds Promise
09/24/2014 Real Time Communications Meets Video Delivery..Sort of
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09/23/2014 HD Voice Now Available on All Major US Wireless Networks (But)
09/22/2014 Comparing WebRTC Data Channels and WebSockets
09/19/2014 Adding Value to the Hospitality Industry with WebRTC
09/18/2014 United Launch Alliance Turns to Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin for Next Rocket Engine
09/17/2014 NASA Selects Boeing, SpaceX for Astronaut Transport to Space Station
09/17/2014 NASA selects Boeing, SpaceX for Astronaut Transport to Space Station
09/17/2014 NASA selects Boeing, SpaceX for Astronaut Transport to Space Station
09/16/2014 GENBAND Kandy Real Time Communications Platform Formally Launched
09/16/2014 How the API Economy is Driving Changes to Business Models - For the Better
09/11/2014 Everyone's Talking HD Voice and VoLTE at CTIA 2014
09/10/2014 Spirent Evolves Wireless Testing, New VoLTE, RCS solutions
09/10/2014 Spirent Evolves Wireless testing, New VoLTE, RCS solutions
09/09/2014 Software Driving Cellular Improvements

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