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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and M2M Evolution magazine. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

04/17/2014 [24]7 Delivers on the Omni-channel Promise
04/17/2014 HigherGround Can Take Your Contact Center to New Heights
04/17/2014 Virtual Agents: Bringing Benefits Home with the New Cloud-based Contact Center
04/17/2014 Lead Scoring: Predictive Analytics Can Unearth Hot Leads and Lower Marketing Costs
04/17/2014 Call Recording Roundup
04/17/2014 Personalization: Big Data Analytics Help Identify, Recognize Personal Life Events
04/17/2014 Internal Processes & Customer Service
04/17/2014 WebRTC Expert Phil Edholm to Speak at CX Hot Trends Symposium
04/17/2014 CX Hot Trends Symposium to Offer Tips on How to Embrace Proactive Customer Care
04/15/2014 Mediation and Billing Solution Providers Partner to Address Next-Gen Networks, Services
04/15/2014 StackIQ Joins OpenStack Effort, Tapped by ALU
04/15/2014 Talking M2M with Aricent
04/14/2014 IDC: Logicalis Stands Benefit from SDN
04/12/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
04/11/2014 OneAsia Employs SDN-based Pluribus Switch
04/11/2014 OpenDaylight Project Offers Summer Internship
04/11/2014 ConteXtream, Guavus Partner on NFV, SDN
04/11/2014 COMPTEL Discourages FCC from Approving AT&T's Experiment Proposal
04/09/2014 Huawei Opens OpenDaylight Lab in China
04/08/2014 Freescale Buys Mindspeed ARM-based Multicore Solutions
04/07/2014 Current Analysis Survey: CTOs, Strategy Drive NFV and SDN Buying
04/07/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: WorkFlex Solutions Closes $3M Round
04/05/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Cisco Embraces OpFlex, Rather Than OpenFlow, and More SDN News of the Week
04/04/2014 Five9 Makes IPO Debut
04/02/2014 WebRTC Roundup
04/02/2014 Assessing the Costs and Savings of Lync
04/02/2014 AudioCodes Helps Lync Scale
04/02/2014 New Big Switch Networks CEO Talks Strategy
04/02/2014 Machine-to-Machine Communications: The M2M Space is Poised for Big Things, But Faces Key Challenges
04/02/2014 The Great Indoors
04/02/2014 What's Now & What's Next
04/01/2014 Advantech Leverages Netronome's SDN Solutions
04/01/2014 Overture Enhances 6500 Aggregation & Switching Platform
04/01/2014 ProphetStor's Software-defined Storage Solution Does Orchestration
03/31/2014 Broadcom Delivers Multi-core Processor with 4X Competitors' Performance
03/31/2014 Sigma Systems, NetYCE Integrate Solutions to Address Provisioning, Fulfillment Automation
03/29/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Vendors Throw the Book at NFV, SDN
03/27/2014 iM to Build Modular Colocation Facilities Along Allied Fiber Routes
03/27/2014 Voice of the Customer: Customer Survey/Feedback Solution Roundup
03/27/2014 Enterprise Collaboration Roundup
03/26/2014 Napatech Suggests It's Time for Telcos to Rethink Their Networking Strategies
03/26/2014 Multi-Tech Aims to Be the Apple of the M2M World
03/26/2014 The Cloud, Microsoft, and Channel Eclipse
03/26/2014 iM to Build Modular Data Centers Along Allied Fiber Routes
03/24/2014 Metaswitch CTO Delivers NFV, SDN Guide for Telcos
03/24/2014 Anuta Releases New SDN Software Release
03/24/2014 Fatbeam Educates Us on the Competitive Fiber Services Market
03/24/2014 Comlink Tells Story of Software, Network Expansion
03/22/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
03/21/2014 SDN-Enabled Exchange Company Snaps Things into Place for Atlanta AWS Customers
03/20/2014 The Future of Legacy Networks, Regulation and Service Provider Competition
03/20/2014 Overgroup Aims to Make Service Provider Billing and Back Office More Flexible, Responsive
03/20/2014 Telco Systems Jumps Aboard the Software Telco Bandwagon
03/20/2014 SwitchRay, Still Feeling Acquisitive, Talks About Its Multifunctional Product Line
03/20/2014 OneAccess Takes On Cisco with New Mid-Range Router
03/19/2014 Overture Helps Carriers Make Their Networks More Programmable, Cost Efficient
03/19/2014 Wilcon Announces Integration of Freedom, IX2, and Wilshire Connection
03/18/2014 Want a Customer Experience Makeover? Enter This Contest to Win One!
03/18/2014 Doxo Makes It Easier for Customers and Businesses to Connect
03/18/2014 Oracle Provides Insight on WebRTC & the Customer Experience
03/18/2014 VoIP Dialing Emphasizes Benefits of SIP, Talks About What's Next
03/18/2014 Some Thoughts on What's Next for Customer Service and What's in a Brand
03/18/2014 Tango Networks Brings Mobile UC Message to Competitive Wireline Providers
03/18/2014 Sonus Gets Big with SBCs
03/18/2014 Transition Networks Makes Testing and Launching Ethernet Services Easier for Carriers
03/18/2014 Wolfe: Don't Underestimate the Little Guy
03/18/2014 TelePacific Tells Story of Broad Portfolio, Strong Customer Service
03/17/2014 BTI Systems Introduces New Wavelength Services Solution
03/17/2014 SDN Startup Anuta Networks Releases New Network Management Software
03/17/2014 TeleSphere Software Promotes New Special Circuit Management Platform
03/17/2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Congratulates Winners of the UC Excellence Awards
03/17/2014 Blue Jeans Brings Together What Had Been Separate Islands of Videoconferencing
03/17/2014 The Wireless Office: Mobile Apps Help Organizations Work More Efficiently, Effectively
03/17/2014 The Latest in UC & IP PBX: Big Vendors Amass More Power; Mobility, Video Become Table Stakes
03/17/2014 VoIP Dialing Emphasizes Benefits of SIP, Talks About What's Next
03/17/2014 VoIP Logic Enables Next-Gen Service Providers to Take Control
03/17/2014 A Report on Two Reports
03/15/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Coriant Unveils New Solution; Cisco, MRV Talk SDN Strategy
03/13/2014 Aspect Mentor Leverages Real-time Speech Detection for More Intelligent Contact Centers
03/13/2014 AudioCodes, PortaOne Announce Interoperability to Address Mobile Enterprise
03/12/2014 IBM's Watson Gets Cooking to Help the World Leverage Big Data
03/12/2014 Coriant Officially Introduces its SDN-based Dynamic Optical Cloud Solution
03/11/2014 MRV Announces ONF Membership, Work with ETSI NFV Group
03/10/2014 O3 Project Unveils Early SDN WAN Compatibility Work
03/10/2014 Optical Industry Group Coalesces Around Open Source, SDN
03/08/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Khosla, Infonetics Make Revealing Observations about SDN
03/06/2014 Khosla Sees SDN as an Enabler in Move to Cross-data Center Operating System
03/06/2014 HP Moves to Help Telcos Address the OTT Threat
03/05/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: M2M Outfit KORE Buys Jazz Wireless Data
03/05/2014 Qosmos Lays Out Three-Stage NFV, SDN Strategy
03/05/2014 Dell Expands NFV, SDN Efforts to Address Carriers
03/04/2014 Carriers Slow Router, Switch Spending as They Formulate SDN Strategies
03/04/2014 NEC Adds Scale, Interconnect Capabilities with New SDN Controller Release
03/04/2014 Netronome Introduces New NFV, SDN Software, High-performance NICs
03/03/2014 Radware Launches DefenseFlow v1.0 for NEC's Controller
03/03/2014 Broadcom Introduces New OpenFlow SDN Solutions
03/03/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Westell Buys Cellular Specialties as In-building Wireless Heats Up
03/01/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review: Mobile World Congress Generates a Flurry of NFV, SDN News
02/28/2014 Indoor Small Cells Generate Heat, But Infonetics Lowers Overall Small Cell Forecast
02/27/2014 Tech Support Outfit ICE Moves to the Cloud with

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