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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and M2M Evolution magazine. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

07/26/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
07/25/2014 Radisys Noted as NFV Pioneer
07/25/2014 Australasia Alliance Forms Around SDN
07/24/2014 Juniper Divests Junos Pulse in Latest Move to Refocus Its Efforts
07/24/2014 New Report: NFV, SDN, Wireless Infrastructure to Be Worth $5B by 2020
07/24/2014 People Power: How Connecting Customers with Quality Reps Can Create a Rewarding Experience
07/24/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Software-Defined Operations Firm Garners $10B in Round B
07/24/2014 Aptean Works to Gain an Edge
07/23/2014 ODCA Unveils New Version of Its SDN Usage Model
07/23/2014 Meru, NEC Partner on SDN Enterprise Effort
07/22/2014 Big Switch Unveils Bare Metal SDN Solution for the Data Center
07/22/2014 Customer Satisfaction with Online News, Search & Social Media Sites: Poor, but Improving
07/22/2014 BlueConic Expedites Message Testing, Increases Conversion Rates
07/22/2014 Monet's Ciarlo Offers Advice on How to Recognize the True Cloud
07/22/2014 Retailer Leverages Springbot for Social Marketing
07/21/2014 New Reports Emphasize the Role of Mobile in Retail
07/21/2014 SPS Helps Businesses Benefit from the Best of UC, Real Time Communications
07/18/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
07/18/2014 PwC: Deals Desks Help Companies Categorize, Assign Workflow to Sales Opportunities
07/18/2014 OneAccess Lays Out NFV, SDN Benefits and Challenges
07/17/2014 ASOCS, Wind River Partner to Popularize Virtual Base Stations
07/16/2014 New Study Forecasts Timelines for Carrier SDN Implementations
07/16/2014 Pacnet Recognized by Gartner for Broad Coverage Portfolio
07/16/2014 EXFO's New Solution Addresses Visibility for Virtualization
07/15/2014 Dimension Data Aims to Sell 1M New Lync Seats by 2017
07/15/2014 IBM Introduces Elastic Storage as a Service Offering
07/14/2014 ORBCOMM Launches Six Next-Gen Satellites to Support M2M
07/14/2014 VoLTE Is Key Driver of IMS, But Business Case, Device Supply Are Weak
07/12/2014 NFV Week in Review
07/11/2014 Sandvine: Many Carriers Are Using Our Virtualized Solution
07/08/2014 What's New in the Satellite Orbit
07/08/2014 BYOD: An Ongoing Challenge
07/08/2014 Billing Solutions
07/08/2014 The Future of Networking is Now: Alcatel-Lucent Can Show You How
07/08/2014 What You Need to Know about Schmooze Com Inc.
07/08/2014 The New Software Telco
07/08/2014 Mavenir Hawks the Benefits of VoLTE
07/07/2014 VoLTE Gets Real - But Should We Really Care?
07/05/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
06/28/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
06/26/2014 Call Center Agent Engagement Can Deliver Positive Returns
06/25/2014 Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Are Private, Require Warrants to Search
06/24/2014 SDN Gets More Extreme
06/24/2014 Google, LiveOps & Twilio Combine for Software-Only Contact Center Package
06/24/2014 Vee24 Democratizes the Amazon Mayday Button
06/23/2014 Dali Wireless Unveils 10gbps In-Building Wireless Solution
06/23/2014 Nexidia Enhances Analytics Solution with New Speech Advancements
06/21/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
06/20/2014 Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M
06/19/2014 Cellco Mtel Affirms vEPC Trial Went Well
06/19/2014 Juniper Announces Telecom Italia is Trialing its NFV/SDN Solution
06/18/2014 Tesla Does OTA Update via Cellular to Address Safety, Maintenance Issues
06/18/2014 Telco Systems Details Its NFV, SDN Strategy
06/18/2014 Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption
06/17/2014 Welcome to WebRTC
06/17/2014 The Outlook for WebRTC in 2014 and Beyond
06/17/2014 Temasys Discusses the New Wave of Innovation WebRTC Can Enable
06/17/2014 Talking WebRTC with Priologic's Doug Pelton
06/17/2014 CafeX Dishes on WebRTC
06/17/2014 Avaya Offers a Practical View of WebRTC
06/17/2014 Acision: WebRTC is Moving Beyond the Hoo-Ha
06/17/2014 Huawei Offers NFV, SDN Status Update
06/17/2014 Omnitron, WebNMS Join for SDN-Enabled Ethernet Automation
06/17/2014 Smooth Operator: Phybridge Enables Businesses to Confidently Migrate to IP
06/17/2014 Yorktel Makes Complicated Simple
06/17/2014 IP Cameras
06/17/2014 DAS Crazy: Distributed Antennae Systems Hit the Big Time
06/16/2014 ThingWorx Unleashes New Version of its M2M Platform
06/16/2014 SDN Can Do for Enterprise Networking What the Smartphone Did for Apps
06/16/2014 mPortal CEO Discusses the Benefits of Customer Interaction, WebRTC, Lean Product Management
06/16/2014 Artesyn Helps Shape the Future of Service Provider Networking
06/14/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
06/12/2014 Toy Retailer Embraces WebRTC, KANDY to Deliver a Genius Customer Experience
06/12/2014 Aligned Energy: Network Operators Could be Saving Big on Energy Expenses
06/12/2014 Edgewater to Bring New SMB Security Capability to Market in 2015
06/11/2014 Black Box Communicates Its Strategy at GENBAND Perspectives14
06/11/2014 Ericsson Tells Its NFV, SDN Story at GENBAND Perspectives14
06/11/2014 ClearBlade Enables Collaboration & Opens Enterprise Data to Mobile, IoT
06/11/2014 GENBAND Gives Perspectives14 Attendees a Taste of KANDY
06/11/2014 GENBAND Partner Relayware Powers Indirect Channel Communications
06/11/2014 GENBAND Helps Carriers Adjust to Demand with Flexible Licensing Model
06/11/2014 NetNumber Emphasizes Need for Network Simplification, Virtualization
06/11/2014 CEO Walsh Outlines GENBAND's Winning Formula
06/11/2014 Samsung's Dr. Rhew Shows What's Possible with Connected Health
06/10/2014 SAP's Nayyar: CRM is Dead; Omnichannel is Where It's At
06/10/2014 GENBAND Tells Its UC Story
06/09/2014 Experience the Future at GENBAND Perspectives14
06/06/2014 SDN Zone Week in Review
06/06/2014 Wheelings & Dealings; Vertical, Fulton Merge
06/06/2014 CPLANE's Dynamic Virtual Networks Takes Flight
06/05/2014 OpenDaylight Project Gets Three New Members
06/05/2014 SDN-based Distrix 4.1 Addresses Network Manageability, Programmability, Agility
06/05/2014 Yorktel Expands Via Acquisition
06/04/2014 Netsocket Introduces vApps
06/04/2014 NetCracker Promotes NFV, SDN Orchestrator
06/04/2014 Sierra Wireless, VDC Research Promote Open Source Software for M2M Development
06/03/2014 Too Much and Never Enough
06/03/2014 Cellwize Promotes the Benefits of Combined Cellco SON, NFV Solutions
06/03/2014 Alcatel-Lucent Unveils New OSS Portfolio Targeting NFV, SDN
06/03/2014 Leverages Parature Solution

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