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Mary Cronin has more than 20 years experience in managing and advising technology-intensive organizations as a consultant, board member and information manager. She is a Professor of Information Systems at Boston College. Her latest book, Smart Products, Smarter Services: Strategies for Embedded Control (Cambridge University Press, 2010) analyzes the impact of connected health solutions, telehealth and wireless medical devices.


Latest Articles

01/31/2011 WellPoint CEO Addresses Health Quality, Affordability and Healthcare Reform
01/25/2011 AtGuardianAngel Provides Integrated Connected Health Service for Seniors
01/17/2011 Healthcare Innovation a 2011 Consumer Priority
01/10/2011 Electronic Records Join Medical Transcription in MxSecure EMR Solution
01/06/2011 Connected Health at CES: Med Reminders and Android Tablet for Home Health Monitoring
01/04/2011 Healthcare Innovators Announce Clinical Trials for Brain Tumor Vaccine
12/29/2010 RAND Study Questions the Quality Impact of EHR Adoption
12/17/2010 Rapid Diagnosis of Walking Pneumonia Could Improve Treatment
12/13/2010 Online Health Access Improves Patient Satisfaction at UPMC
12/03/2010 More Quality of Care Data Available to Consumers on HospitalCompare Site
12/02/2010 Electronic Health Record Events Database Aims to Monitor Problems
11/19/2010 Improved Diagnostics for ADHD Behavior Markers in Children and Adults
11/12/2010 Smart Health Apps Will Reach 500 Million Users by 2015
11/01/2010 Personal Health Records Program Highlights Privacy Issues
10/13/2010 Smarter Productivity Apps: Filemaker Go Mobilizes Data
10/08/2010 Sinus Surgery Videos Provide New Medical Training Model
10/07/2010 Cisco Jumps into Internet TV Fray With Home Videoconferencing
10/04/2010 Smart Products Shine in the 2010 Technology Innovation Awards
09/29/2010 Endo Pharmaceuticals Embraces Virtual R&D to Expand Drug Pipeline
09/28/2010 iPhone Medical Apps by Doctors and for Doctors Gain Traction
09/24/2010 X-Prize Automotive Winners and Smart Auto Adoption Realities
09/09/2010 Impact of ARRA Funding on the Adoption of Smart Technology
09/07/2010 Advanced Drug Pump Delivers Medication Through the Skin
09/01/2010 Are TV Apps a Smart Move for Samsung?
08/26/2010 Sccope Mobile Barcode Price Comparison is More Than Scan Deep
08/19/2010 Smartphone Apps as SPAM: City ID, Droid X, Verizon Wireless and Me
08/18/2010 PCPCC Resources Address Primary Care Payment Reform Options
08/18/2010 SmartRooms from IBM Connect Hospital Staff to Patient Data
08/16/2010 iPads Prescribed for Incoming Stanford Medical Students
08/13/2010 Smart Home Automation Breakthrough? Vendors Must Connect These 5 "I"s
08/12/2010 Applying the Baldridge Health Care Criteria to Health Technology Adoption
08/11/2010 Healthagen Connects Patients To Mobile Health and Care Provider Resources
08/11/2010 Will EHR Adoption Impact the Quality of Care?
08/11/2010 Coordinated Care Models Expected to Boost Health Quality Outcomes
08/05/2010 M-Health Impact and Adoption by Physicians Debated at Leadership Summit
08/04/2010 Physicians Adopting Digital Technology at the Point of Care
08/04/2010 Healthcare Innovation Impact Debated at Health Quality Metrics Event
07/29/2010 Broadcom's Connected Home Lets Smart Devices Manage Discovery
07/29/2010 New Site Supports Coordinated Care and Patient Centered Medical Home Models
07/29/2010 Africa Telehealth Progress Is the Focus of Cairo Conference
07/28/2010 Diversinet Focuses on Securing Mobile Health Transactions to Support Innovation
07/19/2010 Physician and Health Provider Webs Need Upgrading Says Forrester
07/19/2010 Focus on the Business of Women's Health at June Leadership Summit
07/15/2010 Care Management Research: Defining a Patient-Centered Home
07/14/2010 Allscripts Provides Resources on Meaningful Use Requirements
07/13/2010 Will a Trusted Identity Ecosystem Make Smart Products More Secure?
07/13/2010 Qualcomm's Wireless Health Ecosystem Promotes Healthcare Innovation
07/09/2010 Oncology Biomarker Research Funded as Step to Early Cancer Diagnosis
07/09/2010 eHealth Report: HIT Coordination and Provider Education Still Needed
07/02/2010 Smart Health Spotlight: Introducing MedHealth World
06/17/2010 Smartphone Apps, Android Phones and the Search for Open Mobile Ecosystems
06/09/2010 iPhone 4 Features Support Smarter Mobile Health Apps
06/08/2010 SeniorBridge Uses Telemonitoring to Help Seniors Stay Independent at Home
06/08/2010 MetaLogics Direct Calorimetry Monitor: New Treatment Option for Obesity, Weight Management
06/03/2010 Smart Energy Management for the Enterprise: JouleX Rolls Out a Simple Networked Solution
05/26/2010 A May Flowering of Investment in Electric Vehicles
05/19/2010 MetaLogics: A Smarter Solution for Directly Measuring Calorie Burn
05/14/2010 Will Medical Device Innovation Boost Adoption of Home Health Products?
05/05/2010 Smart Auto Shakeout as X-Prize Automotive Teams Hit the Track
04/26/2010 Telematics Enable Smarter Driver and Auto Dealer Services
04/20/2010 Ready to Take Control: The IPad as Universal Connector
04/14/2010 Annapolis Is Planning a Smart Energy Quadruple Play
03/30/2010 Smarter Energy Tops Bill Gates' Innovation Wish List
03/23/2010 CTIA 2010 Marks Mobile Ecosystem Growth
03/15/2010 Can Radically Smaller Electric Cars Transform Traffic Patterns?
03/08/2010 Global Mobile Health, iPads for Business, and Smarter Re-Charging for Electric Vehicles
03/01/2010 Health IT Advances and Adoption Issues in the Spotlight at HIMSS 10th Annual Conference
02/22/2010 RenuMobile Delivers Smart and Green Mobile Marketing Campaigns
02/15/2010 EnergyHub Founder Focuses On Smart UI for Energy Monitoring Dashboard
02/08/2010 Smart Health Apps, Medical Devices and the Future of Mobile Health Debated
02/02/2010 Mobile Marketing Progress and Predictions for 2010 from Laura Marriott
01/19/2010 Power Investors: Smart Battery Companies Driving Electric Auto Deals for 2010
01/12/2010 Developing More Intelligent Vehicles, from DARPA to Detroit
01/04/2010 The ABCs of Smart Product Innovation for 2010: Four Core Criteria for Success
12/21/2009 Kindle Is Christmas Present, but What Does the Future Hold for e-Readers?
12/14/2009 3M Embraces Smart Mobile Innovation While Nokia Seeks New Energy for 2010
12/07/2009 Smart Health on Smartphones: Thousands of Apps and Growing
11/30/2009 Beyond the Smart Grid: Austin Energy Plans to Demonstrate an Energy Internet Ecosystem
11/18/2009 Constant Contact's iPhone App Is All Business
11/12/2009 Neustar's Diane Strahan on 2D Barcode Mobile Services
11/04/2009 Google Navigation Joins the Crowd behind the Smart Driver's Seat
10/28/2009 DROID Flexes Its Muscles; Nokia Loses Its Mo
10/22/2009 NeoMedia and Neustar Move One Step Closer to 2D Mobile Barcodes Everywhere
10/15/2009 Smartphone Ecosystems Taking Shape for 2010
10/08/2009 Does Your Car Have SPEC?
09/30/2009 Smarter M2M Services from nPhase
09/23/2009 Smart Health Products Need Ecosystem Connections
09/17/2009 Five Rules for Smart Product Ecosystems

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