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Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for TMCnet.


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10/23/2014 Thwart Cybercriminals with Next-generation Firewalls
10/21/2014 Vserv Serves a Smart Ace to Manipulate Exabytes of Information
10/21/2014 Sullivan's Contatta Platform- Hub for Team Collaboration
10/21/2014 Technology, Customer Need to Dictate Instrumentation Software Market
10/20/2014 Paragon Software uses De-duplication, Makes Data Restoration Easier
10/20/2014 Aspect Workforce Management Cloud - a Boon for Contact Centers?
10/20/2014 Predixion Insight 4.0 Gets the Power of Predictive Insights to the Front Lines
10/20/2014 Relayware Had a Banner Year in 2013; Another One is Expected
10/17/2014 Center of Excellence in Dubai to help ICT Sector in Middle East
10/17/2014 Webroot looks to Thwart Cybercriminals with Next-Generation Protection
10/16/2014 Antiquities' New Customer Service Team to Add Personal Touch
10/16/2014 The Fashion Industry Bows to Customer Demand for Real-time Access
10/16/2014 Asia-Pacific APM Market to Remain Buoyant
10/16/2014 SAP Assures Customers of Continued Innovation and Support
10/16/2014 Joint Future Seen for VoIP and the Cloud
10/15/2014 Stem, Kyocera to Reshape the Way Energy is Distributed and Used
10/15/2014 Daffron Empowers Utility Users with TextPower's Messaging Platform
10/14/2014 AT&T: Get Great Value while Traveling Abroad
10/14/2014 TinderBox Ignites Salesforce1 Mobile App with Automation
10/14/2014 CSG's Video Billing Initiative keeps Pace with Time Warner's Seasoned Customers
10/14/2014 SipVine: Make VoIP Work for You
10/13/2014 Velocify's New Dial-Q Offers Sales Reps a Good Experience and Buyers a Better One
10/13/2014 Esker Energizes Direct Energie with Digitized Handling of Vendor Invoices
10/13/2014 Turbocharge Testing Engines with SmartBear's New Release
10/13/2014 TITUS Classification for Mobile Strengthens Enterprise Mobile Security
10/13/2014 Unified Inbox to Revolutionize Communication with SAP HANA
10/13/2014 Genesys Looks to Help Brands Make Great Business with a Great CX
10/10/2014 Are Bermuda Businesses Any Safer from Cybercriminals?
10/10/2014 Google High-Speed Fiber in State of Inertia?
10/10/2014 Mizuho Bank Adds Personal Touch to Enhance Customer Service
10/09/2014 Secure On-Premise Web Conferencing now Possible with OmniJoin Private Cloud
10/09/2014 Live Chat on Mobile Devices: A Must for Online Shoppers
10/09/2014 ComSouth Opts for ZCorum's Reliable Hosted Email Service
10/09/2014 Nedbank Builds Online Trust with Gemalto's PKI Solution
10/08/2014 dcVAST: Customers, Employees Key to Success
10/08/2014 Goji Compares and Customers Decide
10/08/2014 TrueConf makes Video Conferencing Easier for Android Users
10/08/2014 OpenMarket's Mobile Messaging Solutions Deliver a Customer Service Boost
10/08/2014 Make Faster, Smarter Business Decisions with Allworx
10/07/2014 Splunk: View the Whole App Picture, Track Performance and Make Better Decisions
10/07/2014 Creative Virtual's V-Person: A Compelling Self-Service Product
10/07/2014 Uboss, Yealink Integration to Benefit Channel Providers
10/06/2014 WOW! Business Looks to Impress SMBs with Hosted VoIP
10/06/2014 North American Hosted IP Telephony, UCC Services Market to Grow
10/06/2014 MobileIron Partners with Integrated Solution to Ensure Business Mobility
10/06/2014 Blue Jeans is Making Videoconferencing More Accessible to All
10/06/2014 Tower Cloud Enhances Product Portfolio with Ethernet Private Line Services
10/06/2014 Saia Freight to Benefit from AT&T Mobility Solutions
10/03/2014 AnyMeeting Writes for Small Businesses on a New Global Page
10/03/2014 NetSuite, Gigya Up the Ante on Customer Engagement
10/03/2014 Bright Horizons Contact Center Recognized Again by BenchmarkPortal
10/02/2014 There's a Buzz in Toronto and Taiwan: SpatialBuzz is Expanding
10/02/2014 Biztec Migrates Hundreds of Clients to AVOXI Core
10/02/2014 3CLogic and IntelaCloud Combine on Integrated Hosted PBX and Cloud-based Contact Center Solution
10/02/2014 PlaceUs: A Location-based App with a Twist
10/02/2014 Hosted PBX and Contact Center Solutions Rolled in one
10/01/2014 Perficient Showcases Oracle CX, Cloud Capabilities at Oracle OpenWorld 2014
10/01/2014 Aryaka's CDN Offering: Boon for Oxford Economics
10/01/2014 Ceragon: Network Expansion in Asia and Africa set to Roll
10/01/2014 CorvisaCloud: Listen to your Customers, Address Needs
08/01/2014 Will the Privus Mobile Caller ID App Make Driving and Drivers Safer?
08/01/2014 AlertLogic's Solutions Boosts Application Developers' Confidence
07/31/2014 Boost Software Delivers -Industry Analysts Nod
07/31/2014 The Call Transfer Journey is Tricky-Choose Wisely
07/31/2014 Disaster Talk to the Rescue
07/30/2014 Wake up, It's Time to Put Security Measures into Place
07/30/2014 Validic's Technology Platform Creates Value for Customers
07/30/2014 Innovation and Customer Service Goes Hand-in-Hand
07/29/2014 Pay-for-Performance Programs Need to Improve
07/29/2014 Call Center Employee Engagement Reaps Rewards
07/29/2014 Bright House Paves the Way for a Borderless Work Environment
07/28/2014 Bango Helps Etisalat Connect with Samsung Galaxy Apps
07/28/2014 Logitech's USB headset H570e to Enhance the UC Experience
07/28/2014 Can Authentify's Two-factor Authentication Outsmart Hackers?
07/28/2014 Frost & Sullivan: Application and Network Performance Monitoring to See New Highs
07/28/2014 Genpact Utilizes SAP HANA Cloud Platform
07/28/2014 Pipeliner: The Future of CRM
07/25/2014 Empirix Gives Enterprises an Edge with its Conference Monitoring Tool
07/25/2014 Samsung Enables Hoteliers to Deliver Premium Entertainment
07/24/2014 Co-Browsing Keeps Reps and Customers on the Same Page
07/24/2014 Can Mindtree Launch ING Vysya into the Digital World?
07/24/2014 HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE: A Game Changer for Command Centers?
07/23/2014 ARRIS' Solutions Offer Subscribers Engaging, Personalized Media Experiences
07/23/2014 Accelya's REVERA Next to Propel GoAir Even Higher
07/23/2014 Starfleet Media: Content Marketing is in, Use it Wisely
07/23/2014 Convey Engage Platform Enhanced; Resellers' Role Becomes Easier
07/22/2014 Avaya's Collaborative Solutions to be Delivered via the Cloud
07/22/2014 Fonolo: Say Goodbye to Nerve-Wracking Hold Times
07/22/2014 AIM Marketing: Going the Extra Mile for Customers
07/22/2014 Grand View Research: A Buoyant Unified Communication in the Offering
07/22/2014 Digital Suggestion Box Brings Ideas Forward
07/22/2014 Valuable Clients are Worth the Work to Keep Them
07/21/2014 Fiber Battleground Heats up with AT&T's show of GigaPower Strength
07/21/2014 El Centro de CenturyLink Celebrates its Thirtieth Anniversary
07/21/2014 Connect your Data Network to the Public Cloud with VNS3
07/18/2014 What Do You Need from Call Center Software?
07/18/2014 Say the Word - Cortana Will Switch on the Connected Home
07/18/2014 Welcome to the 'Next Big Thing' in Payment Processing
07/18/2014 Enhancements to Enterprise Anywhere Liberates IT Departments
07/17/2014 Accenture Survey: Banks - Get Your Priorities Right or Prepare to Make Way

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