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Cheryl Kaften is an accomplished communicator who has written for consumer and corporate audiences. She has worked extensively for MasterCard Worldwide, Philip Morris USA (Altria), and KPMG, and has consulted for Estee Lauder and the Philadelphia Inquirer Newspapers. In addition, her byline has appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, and she has produced a syndicated radio series, “The Best of America with Dick Van Patten.” Most recently, she has been Chief Communications Officer for the Katerva Awards. In this position, she was responsible for external and internal communications for a global organization, that recognizes leaders in the field of sustainability (innovators who want to save the planet).


Latest Articles

10/01/2013 Silver Spring Starts Phase II of Smart Grid for Portugal's EDP Distribuicao
09/30/2013 In 'Full Bloom': EBay's Newest Data Center Is Powered Entirely by Fuel Cells
09/30/2013 Mosaic 'Enlists' Crowdfunding for Rooftop Solar on Military Housing
09/30/2013 Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures Invest $8M in 'Edgy' Grid Innovator
09/28/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
09/26/2013 Solar to Eclipse Wind in New Capacity for First Time in 2013
09/26/2013 Itron's OpenWay Eliminates 'Hobson's Choice'
09/26/2013 In Canada, Survey Shows 'Inquiring Minds Want to Know' About the Smart Grid
09/25/2013 Silver Spring Networks and CPFL Energia Roll Out Commercial Smart Grid in Sao Paulo
09/25/2013 Hue and CRI: Intematix Receives Patents for LED Phosphors with Color Authenticity
09/25/2013 A Higher Purpose: Lufa Farms Advocates the Greening of America's Rooftops
09/24/2013 Dying for a Breath of Fresh Air
09/24/2013 When Solar Goes Down, O&M Marketplace Will 'Fix You Up'
09/24/2013 University of Cyprus Establishes BPL Competence Centre for Smart Metering
09/24/2013 New Metrics Help Farmers Take Sustainability Measures
09/23/2013 Nodes Get the Nod from Utilities, with $3.3B Market Expected by 2018
09/20/2013 Americans Refuse to Swallow a Diluted Update of the Clean Water Act
09/20/2013 EPA's Proposed Restrictions on New Power Plant Emissions Spark Controversy
09/20/2013 IKEA Picks Up Steam in Its Environmental Efforts
09/19/2013 Czech Utility Implements Situational Intelligence to 'See' and Safeguard Grid
09/19/2013 Beauty and the Beasts: Artists Make Jewels from Junk to Save Marine Animals
09/19/2013 Boston Selects Schneider Electric as 'Smart City' Partner
09/18/2013 Pollution Solution: New Invention Documents 'Dirtiest' Cars on the Road
09/18/2013 90 Percent of Utilities Aren't Prepared for Big Data Analytics
09/17/2013 Google Buys Happy Hereford Wind Farm
09/17/2013 It's 'Curtains' for Many Buildings with Dow Corning Insulation Modules
09/17/2013 Homeowners Blast Wind Developers Over Deflating Property Values
09/16/2013 Electrovaya Roars into Europe with Li-ion Energy Storage
09/16/2013 Bright and Early: South Africa Solar Plant Completed Sooner Than Expected
09/16/2013 And the Winner is... Landis+Gyr for British Gas' Massive Smart Meter Rollout
09/14/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
09/13/2013 For Buyers of Production Homes, Solar Is the New Stainless Steel
09/13/2013 Environmentalists Fault EIA for Low-Balling Renewable Energy Projections
09/11/2013 Makers of Mowers and Blowers Refuel Controversy Over EPA Ethanol Standards
09/11/2013 Best and the Brightest at UC-Riverside Create New Tool to Keep the Lights On
09/11/2013 Navigant Study: Next Big Push for Utilities Will Be Distribution Automation
09/10/2013 New York Banks on a Clean, Green Economy
09/10/2013 U.S. Grid Automation Study: Distribution Management Systems Are the Next Step
09/09/2013 DNV KEMA Designates Asian Center of Excellence for Smart Grid
09/09/2013 Workforce Grows Along with Smart Grid in Northern Illinois
09/07/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
09/06/2013 Blowout Sale: Dominion Virginia Wins Federal Offshore Wind Auction
09/06/2013 Research at UAlberta Holds Promise for 'Solar Grafitti'
09/05/2013 SGCC Characterizes Fears about Smart Meters as 'Urban Legends'
09/05/2013 Kyocera Solar Seeks Partners for Project Development in the United States
09/05/2013 New Report: Bill Gates Blew it on Traveling Wave Reactors
09/05/2013 Promoting a Peak Pricing Program: PG&E's Success Story
09/04/2013 Geothermal Energy Becomes Hot Topic on Caribbean Island of Dominica
09/04/2013 In India, Where Clean Water is Good as Gold, ATMs Dispense Drinking Supplies
09/03/2013 Lifeline and Apple 'Juice' Data Centers with Solar
09/03/2013 Shocker: Firefighters Report That Solar Roofs Pose Electrocution Hazard
08/31/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
08/30/2013 Feeling Hot Under the Collar? An Office 'Personal Comfort System' is on the Way
08/30/2013 DOE Plunges $16M into Wave and Tidal Energy
08/29/2013 City of Opelika is First in Alabama to Offer FTTH Electric, Media Services
08/29/2013 NJ Transit Disaster-Proofs with Largest Ever Civilian Microgrid
08/28/2013 A Net-Zero Smart Home Debuts in Utah
08/28/2013 A Higher Standard: Wi-SUN Offers ECHONET-Lite Version 2.0 Smart Home Spec
08/27/2013 PPL Smart Grid Demo Project Improves Service Reliability by 38 Percent
08/27/2013 Plans for $30M 'Smart City Hub' Lure Global Businesses to NY State
08/26/2013 IHS Study: For Solvents, It's Not Easy Being Green
08/26/2013 Light Pollution Activists Strive for the Darkest Hour to Be Just Before the Dawn
08/24/2013 Green Technology Week in Review
08/23/2013 Tennessee Valley Authority Kicks Off Community Solar Initiative
08/22/2013 Soule Hydro Proposes Transmission Line from Alaska to Canada
08/22/2013 Worldwatch Institute: Policy Support for Renewable Energy is on the Rise
08/21/2013 Ameren Illinois Offers Inventors of Smart Devices a Live Grid Test Facility
08/21/2013 Panda Power Funds Plans 859 MW Combined-Cycle Plant in DC Metro Area
08/21/2013 Where Building Benchmarking is Required, Ecova Offers to Do the Job
08/20/2013 Hold Your Water: AT&T and EDF Team to Save US Firms 28 Billion Gallons
08/20/2013 O&R to Provide Big Apple Commuter Towns with Smarter Grid
08/19/2013 Bloom Energy Offers Leasing Program with Bank of America Merrill Lynch
08/17/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
08/16/2013 Ecobee Joins Network of Southern California Edison Smart Thermostat Providers
08/16/2013 Study: Low Cost is Top Factor in Consumer Choice of Texas Electric Retailers
08/15/2013 White House Generating More Than Controversy: Solar Panels Are Reinstalled
08/15/2013 Big Rigs to Go Electric as New York Offers $19 Million Truck Voucher Program
08/15/2013 NREL's Open-Source 'DataBus' Tracks Power Usage at Any Size Facility
08/14/2013 In Renewable Fuel Standards Faceoff, the EPA Blinks First
08/14/2013 UK Announces Preferred Bidders for Nationwide Smart Meter Rollout
08/14/2013 Evernote and Telefonica Bring Mobile Phone Customers 'Total Recall'
08/13/2013 Leaving the Nest: Study Finds Smart ACs Work Better Than Smart Thermostats
08/13/2013 'Bottle Sunlight' is Rallying Cry of Cali's Energy Storage Campaign
08/13/2013 IBM 'Pulls All the Stops Out' on Wind and Solar Intermittency
08/12/2013 White House Report: 'Harden' Electric Grid to Endure Natural Disasters
08/12/2013 Sacramento Utility 'Takes the Long View' of Smart Grid with Analytics Software
08/12/2013 Turning the Tide: Lagoon Plan in Wales Harnesses the Power of the Sea
08/10/2013 GreenTech Week in Review
08/08/2013 Western Utilities Say 'Smart Inverters' Would Mitigate Solar System Intermittency
08/08/2013 Researchers Reach Out to the 'Ends of the Grid' to Survey Utilities, Consumers
08/07/2013 Coming Clean: ACI Vaunts Environmental Progress in 2013 Sustainability Report
08/07/2013 BGE Demands Payback from Customers Who Opt Out of Smart Meters
08/07/2013 Bull Market or Just Plain Bull? Fund Managers Mull Over Climate Risks Before Investing
08/06/2013 Solar-Powered Laptop Soon to 'See the Light of Day'
08/05/2013 Bipartisan Smart Grid Bill Tackles Need for Resilient Infrastructure Post-Sandy
08/05/2013 At Grid Parity, Solar Could Supply One-Third of Power to US West
08/05/2013 Recyclers Say Plastic Bag Bans Should Be Trashed
08/05/2013 Mercom Report: Smart Grid VC Funding in Q2 Remained Ho-Hum at $50M
08/02/2013 TCL, SunPartner Use Invisible Solar Tech to Charge Smartphones
08/01/2013 Charging Ahead: Researchers Aim to Rapidly Cut Costs and Commercialize Batteries

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