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Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.

Latest Articles

12/19/2014 UR Robots Launches App Store to Enhance Robot Performance
12/19/2014 Frontier Looking For Bi-Lingual Call Center Workers
12/15/2014 Survey Finds Desk Phones Becoming Obsolete in Small Business World
12/15/2014 New Survey Shows Increase Dependence on Mobile Devices
12/15/2014 Houston Gets its First Bitcoin ATM
12/15/2014 Mobile Enterprise Application Use Increasing Quickly
12/15/2014 Amazon's E-Card App, Surprise! Launches
12/15/2014 Busy Signal: State Government Causing Headaches for ACA Coverage
12/15/2014 Telarus Cited in Network Connectivity Services Partner Program Guide
12/12/2014 Comings & Goings: Carbonite Names New CEO
12/12/2014 Mobile Shoppers do Most Shopping on Weekends
12/12/2014 Glasgow Call Center Workers Very Much In Demand
12/12/2014 Edwards Answering Service Launches Database Management Solution
12/12/2014 iland Announces Updates to Enterprise Cloud Solution
12/12/2014 Those Planning on Purchasing Wearable Tech Numbers One in Five
12/10/2014 New Outbound Call Center Aimed At Improving Customer Service
12/10/2014 Broadcom Now Offers NFC Tech in WICED SDK
12/08/2014 Digium Launches Switchvox IP Phone iPhone App
12/08/2014 Philippines Continues to Grow as Call Center Destination
12/08/2014 LTE Market Ready for Peak
12/08/2014 CRM Needs to Go Beyond Software
12/08/2014 West Corporation Looking To Staff El Paso Call Center
12/08/2014 Columbia Fines Cell Providers for Poor Customer Service
12/08/2014 CrossClick Media Announces Partnership with Voters for Hillary
12/08/2014 Tennessee Call Center Offering Big Wages to Employees
12/08/2014 Telecom Company Launches Voice Recognition Solution in Its Call Centers
12/05/2014 Roku Continues To Lead Steaming Media Device Market
12/05/2014 Strap Gets Funding for Wearable Device Analytics
12/05/2014 Mobile Transactions Crossing 200 Billion By 2019
12/05/2014 Google Announces Products to be Aimed More at Kids
12/05/2014 UK Banks Moving Toward Skype-Like Service for Call Centers
12/04/2014 Liif Pillbox Alerts On Missed Medicine
12/02/2014 Alcatel-Lucent and Ooredoo Algeria Partner on Superfast Mobile Network
12/02/2014 SoftInventive Labs Launches New Software Management Solution
12/02/2014 UK Town Installing New Home Care Worker Monitoring System
12/02/2014 Experts Say Texting While Driving is Addictive
12/02/2014 ACA Relaunch Sees Decreased Call Center Wait Times
12/01/2014 Telcom Company Rolls Out Complete Video Conferencing Solution
12/01/2014 Telefonica Announces Completion of SDN Proof-of-Concept Trial
12/01/2014 Call Center Analytics Can Lead To Real Success
12/01/2014 UK Call Center Raises Money for Children in Need
12/01/2014 Archway Expands End-To-End Call Center Marketing Operations
12/01/2014 Telefonica, Geotab Partner on New M2M Fleet Management Solution
11/26/2014 Apac Expanding Call Center Workforce in Arizona
11/26/2014 Xoom Launches Xoom Bill Pay
11/26/2014 Philippines Looking at More Rural Call Centers
11/25/2014 Earthlink Unveils Hosted Contact Center Solution
11/25/2014 Infosys Rolls Out SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA
11/25/2014 Aims to Return More Lost Cats and Dogs
11/24/2014 Call Center Employees Rate Low in Health, Happiness
11/24/2014 CareSource Opens New Cloud Call Center in Indianapolis
11/24/2014 Las Vegas Companies Seeing Stiff Competition in Call Center Market
11/20/2014 ACA Relaunch Goes Smoothly; HHS Handles 200,000 Calls
11/20/2014 Philippines Airlines Rated Among the Best in Customer Service
11/20/2014 T-Mobile Offering Black Friday Deal on Tablet before Black Friday
11/20/2014 Lufthansa Turns to IBM for Business Management Service Expertise
11/20/2014 Facebook Launches Standalone Groups Application
11/20/2014 T-Mobile's Oregon Call Center Job Fair Sees Good Attendance
11/20/2014 Report Indicates Smart Grid Tech Revenues to Top $70B By 2023
11/20/2014 Gartner Puts Unify in Leaders Quadrant of Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony
11/20/2014 Apple Releases WatchKit for Developers
11/19/2014 GoToMeeting Free Seeing Adoption Rates Start to Pick Up
11/18/2014 MNsure Health Care Center Relaunch Goes Smoothly
11/18/2014 Relaunch Of ACA Going Smoother Than Last Year
11/17/2014 Wearable Tech Turning to the Fashion World for Pointers
11/17/2014 Blackberry Launches BBM Meetings Voice and Video Conferencing Solution
11/17/2014 Michigan Benefits Company Opens Las Vegas Call Center
11/17/2014 Obama Seeks Net Neutrality Directive; AT&T Stops Work on High-Speed Internet
11/17/2014 SAP Unveils New Customer Engagement and Metrics Solution
11/13/2014 CashCall Wins Battle Against Class Action Lawsuit for Call Monitoring
11/13/2014 AGT Rolls Out Alliance Service Suite
11/11/2014 AT&T and Verizon Announce Partnership on VoLTE Interoperability
11/11/2014 Houston Call Center Gearing Up For ACA Enrollment Questions
11/11/2014 Study: Certified Workstation Market Strong in Q3
11/10/2014 BitPay Launches New Bitcoin Payment App Using NFC Tech
11/10/2014 New Report Shows Broadband Connection Issues Prevalent In Europe
11/10/2014 Sierra Leone Call Center Dealing with Unique Difficulties
11/10/2014 DSP Group and Yoga Partner on ULE IoT Secure Solution
11/10/2014 Of All Places: Albuquerque Opens Yet Another New Call Center
11/07/2014 SpaceCurve and AirSage Partner on New Consumer Analytics Solution
11/07/2014 Epicor Finalizes Takeover of Quantisense
11/07/2014 Starwood Hotels Makes Your iPhone and Apple Watch Your New Room Key
11/07/2014 Circle Officially Launches Bitcoin App
11/07/2014 Microsoft Enterprise Changing the Way It Handles Licenses
11/06/2014 Atlanta Opens 311 Informational Call Center
11/04/2014 LoopPay Launches CardCase for Easier Mobile Payments
11/04/2014 PayPal Officially Launches 'Pay After Delivery' Service
11/04/2014 MNsure Health Care Call Center Promises Better Performance This Time Around
11/03/2014 NFL Implements RFID Chips for Better Statistical Representation
11/03/2014 Russian Bank Using Voice Recognition Software for Its Call Centers
11/03/2014 UK Call Center Moving From Birmingham from Leicester Next Spring
11/03/2014 Philippines Hosting Call Center Week in December
11/03/2014 Work-From-Home Call Center Popularity Growing
10/31/2014 Facebook Reports Big Q3 Revenue Jump
10/30/2014 Hewlett-Packard Looking to Sell Chinese Networking Branch
10/29/2014 Cellular Providers Racing Towards Faster Connection Speeds
10/29/2014 Live Video, Co-Browsing are the Future of Customer Service
10/29/2014 Apple and Nike Reportedly Teaming Up on New Wearable Device
10/29/2014 Report: NFC Payment Users to Top 500 Million by 2019
10/29/2014 Some Retailers Not Supporting Apple Pay

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