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Daniel Brecht has been writing for the Web since 2007. His interests include computers, mobile devices and cyber security standards. He has enjoyed writing on a variety of topics ranging from cloud computing to application development, web development and e-commerce. Brecht has several years of experience as an Information Technician in the military and as an education counselor. Brecht holds a graduate Certificate in Information Assurance and a Master of Science in Information Technology. He is a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines.

Latest Articles

07/22/2014 Trend Micro Announces Newly Enhanced Capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 Customers
07/18/2014 Cisco Embraces Phybridge PoLRE Switches for Telephony Platform and Endpoint Solution
07/17/2014 Cleveland Indians Chooses AccelOps Platform to Address Top Security Concerns
07/17/2014 New Research Shows High Awareness of Cloud Services
07/16/2014 Cold Calling Success: Six Tips to a Perfect Call
07/16/2014 Supercuts is a Cut Above Other Hair Salons, Uses Technology to Do So
07/16/2014 With a Hosted PBX, No More Missed Calls for SMEs
07/16/2014 Sitel Set to Hire 150 New Employees
07/10/2014 Mobile Advertising Helps Target Uninsured Americans for Healthcare Coverage
07/10/2014 Perion Codefuel -- CYREN Partnership, Forms a Secure Mobile App Monetizing Platform
07/09/2014 Contact Centers in the Cloud: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Virtual PBX
07/09/2014 CudaTel Completes Successful Interoperability Testing of VoIP/SIP with Flowroute
07/07/2014 Oh, Canada: Customer Service Call Center Set to Hire 200 Employees
07/02/2014 Cisco Acquisition Sets Stage for Co-Browsing with WebRTC
07/02/2014 Digitonic's AMVS Tool as a SMS Contact Center Solution
07/01/2014 New SMS Worm Discovered for Android Smartphones
07/01/2014 Study Finds Videoconferencing in Healthcare Lowers Stress for Pediatric Patients
06/27/2014 The mHealth Movement: The Rise of Connected Home Medical Monitoring Devices
06/27/2014 Motorola's Moto 360 Aims to Change the Way Smartwatches Look and Function
06/25/2014 VoIP Messaging App Adds Call Recording to Existing Features for Android
06/25/2014 The Need for the Best Contact Center Agents at the Forefront
06/25/2014 Keeping Roads Safe: Insurer Offers a Suite of Technology Add-ons
06/24/2014 SMS/MMS Texting on the Decline in China, Carrier Revenues Drop as IM Apps Take Over
06/23/2014 Cloud Computing: India leveraging CaaS, CSN Spokesperson Tells Why
06/20/2014 Matalan Leverages Digital Media to Enhance Brand, Opts for Zmags Platform
06/19/2014 IDC: Smartphones will take over Smart Connected Devices' Market
06/19/2014 CMOs See it's Time for Digital Transformation
06/18/2014 Hospitals Using, Piloting Google Glass: Is Now Part of the Drchrono Platform
06/18/2014 Middle Finger Emoji Coming, Among Many Others
06/17/2014 Department of Transportation Aims to Regulate GPS/Map Apps in Vehicles
06/16/2014 How Video Conferencing is Driving Business Growth
06/16/2014 Nonprofits Embrace Video Conferencing to Support Outreach Efforts
06/16/2014 Become an App Developer: There's an App for That
06/13/2014 BRS Labs' AISight Platform Brings Intelligent Video Surveillance to the World Cup and throughout Brazil
06/12/2014 Mobile Banking Innovation: Consumer Behavior in Ghana
06/12/2014 What to Look for in an Optimal Call Center Service Provider
06/11/2014 Survey: Attitudes to Enterprise Social Networking, BrightStarr's Recent Query Findings
06/11/2014 Access Health CT Data Breach Highlights Need for Monitoring
06/11/2014 Apple Announces Plan for the Home Internet of Things: 'Home Kit'
06/10/2014 Chime Solutions Opens Contact Center in Georgia, To Hire 1,000 Agents
06/10/2014 Are Employers Putting Call Center Agents' Hearing at Risk?
06/09/2014 Call Center Hiring Military Vets via Show-Me Heroes Program
06/06/2014 World Cup 2014: A Global Mobile Perspective, Low Video Quality and Data-charge Fears
06/06/2014 OwnerListens Helps Deliver Great Customer Service via Constructive Feedback App
06/06/2014 Arizona City Seeks $900k Loan for Call Center Job Opportunity
05/30/2014 Giroptic Aims to Deliver a Palm-sized 360cam, Funds are Being Raised via Kickstarter
05/30/2014 Consumer Cellular Looks to Expand its Call Center Services
05/29/2014 NY City-based iQor Announces Hiring
05/29/2014 Startups are Re-shaping the Cloud Computing Market
05/29/2014 Lifesize adds New Cloud Capacities to its Video Conferencing Portfolio
05/28/2014 Hiring Employees, How to Be a Great Entrepreneur
05/28/2014 Dells Announces Newly Built Monitors for Video Conferencing
05/27/2014 Call Center Nurse Health/Advice Line Services, Now Supporting Houston-area Residents
05/27/2014 Virtual Learning, Interactive Videoconferencing: Now that's Music to My Ears!
05/23/2014 Attend Anywhere Uses WebRTC to Deliver Cystic Fibrosis eHealth Services
05/22/2014 Using VoIP Providers to Build B2B/B2C Relationships
05/22/2014 The Gemalto, Cinterion Advanced M2M Module Allows for Secure mHealth
05/21/2014 South West Water Industry Targets Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
05/21/2014 theEMPLOYEEapp Survey: Ways Internal Communication Affect Employees
05/20/2014 LevelUp to Offer Mobile Payments Using QR Codes
05/20/2014 NetSuite Revamps Cloud ERP Suite with HTML5 User Interface
05/20/2014 Biggest Changes Revealed in Customer-Service and Call-Center Landscape
05/19/2014 InstaMD Launches its Multi-Use Headset Product via Indiegogo Campaign
05/16/2014 Video Conferencing: The New email
05/16/2014 Picking the Right Cloud Computing Provider for Online Storage
05/15/2014 Hybrid Cloud Technology on the Rise, High Deployments Expected
05/15/2014 Ways to Keep Your SMB Secure and Private in the Cloud
05/14/2014 Microsoft's MDM Strategy Embraces Solution for BYOD
05/14/2014 Voxofon Update Introduces Photos, Videos and Location Info for the First Time
05/13/2014 OMsignal's Announces Bio-signaling Shirts for Fitness
05/13/2014 Visualead Set to Bring Animated, Visual QR Codes to Renren's Mobile App
05/13/2014 Visualead Set to Bring Animatied, Visual QR Codes to Renren's Mobile App
05/12/2014 The New Boston Globe Customer Service Mobile App, for Speed and Quality Care
05/09/2014 VoltDelta Launches New '5 for 5' Educational Video Series
05/09/2014 Google Gets Highest Score Ever In Customer Satisfaction Survey
05/09/2014 Five Hacking Techniques that Exploit Bad BYOD Habits; MDM is a Solution
05/08/2014 Japanese Startup Glue Offers Free, Secure Video Conferencing Service
05/07/2014 Qualcomm Turns its Retail Solutions Subsidiary (QRS) in a Standalone Compan--Gimbal, Inc.
05/07/2014 Synchology and Social Money Team Up, Offer Branded Financial Products
05/01/2014 Mercedes-Benz CEO Gets Tougher on Customer Service
04/30/2014 Storacall launches the new STIP Call Recording Solution
04/30/2014 Cubic Telecom, China Unicom to Offer OTA Upgrade Functionality on M2M Devices
04/29/2014 TSWG to Integrate EyeVerify Eyeprint Verification to Secure Mobile Banking
04/24/2014 SkyWave Debuts a Dual Satellite-Cellular HSPA Device for M2M Portfolio
04/24/2014 UPC and Ziggo Launch App for OTT Mobile VoIP Communication
04/23/2014 Bell Techlogix IT Outsourcing Solution for SFG Concludes Successfully
04/23/2014 Samsung SDI Introduces a Curved Battery for Wearable Devices
04/23/2014 Akamai Opts for Carrier-Neutral Interconnection to Extend Internet Exchange Services
04/23/2014 Integrating ADCs to Improve Application Performance Management on the Network
04/22/2014 Criminal Text Alerts Help Farmers in the UK
04/21/2014 Biscom's FAXCOM Fax Server Enabled PASWMO to Maintain Business Continuity
04/17/2014 Burger King Selects AT&T Ready Zone Service to Deploy Wi-Fi Services
04/17/2014 Google Adds 'Insert Photo' Button for Mobile Gmail, Uses Google+'s Auto Backup Feature
04/16/2014 VoIP Company Skype Updates Windows App, Adds Invisible Mode
04/16/2014 M-Commerce on the Rise, Constitutes a Fifth of All Cash Spent Online by British Consumers
04/16/2014 NEC Technology Brings New Zealand and Japanese Schools Together to Engage in Online Cultural Exchange
04/16/2014 Contact Center Tips to Boost Customer Service and Lift CRM
04/16/2014 Italtel Launches 'Collaboration At Work' Communication Services
04/15/2014 MMRGlobal Announces Availability of MyMedicalRecords PHR Kit through Retailers
04/15/2014 MMRGlobal Announces Availability of MyMedicalRecords PHR Kit Through Retailers

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