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Julie Griffin has a B.A. in English from the University of Kentucky and is freelance writer based in the Central Kentucky area covering technology news and communications related topics. Known best for her various web publications, Griffin also occasionally contributes to local press.

Latest Articles

11/27/2012 User-Driven Page Ranking System up for Auction
11/21/2012 Republic Wireless Service Open to All at $19.95 Unlimited Monthly
11/21/2012 Nokia Delivers Decent Map App to iOS 6 Users
11/21/2012 New 'iDry' App Helps Patients Overcome Urinary Incontinence
11/21/2012 Brazilian Air Force Selects ORBIT's Communication Management System for P-95 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
11/21/2012 Survey Gauges City of Atlanta Residents' Opinions on Municipal Services
11/21/2012 The Market Responds to Biologics
11/21/2012 A Strategic Win in Patent Wars Against Big Pharma
11/08/2012 Google Docs vs. Office 365
10/22/2012 Office 365 Needs 'Undo Send' Function
10/18/2012 Visa Resolves Issues with Nigerian Corporate Spending
10/18/2012 A Look at SAMY, Canada's Fastest Growing Mobile Mall
10/18/2012 Office, Exchange and SharePoint 2013 Now Released to Manufacturers
10/18/2012 .Office, Exchange and SharePoint 2013 Now Released to Manufacturers
10/15/2012 Okinawa is Serious about Health
10/12/2012 Watching How Europe Watches TV
10/11/2012 Everybody's Talking about the New eBay
10/11/2012 How Predators Use Your Mobile Device to Stalk
10/08/2012 Why PayPal Will Operate Like a Startup
10/05/2012 Facebook Lawsuit Moves to New York
10/04/2012 SoundBite before Salmonella
10/04/2012 Apple's iOS 6 Creates Corporate Chaos in Email Hosting
10/03/2012 Apple Lets You Use Your Cheap MP3 Player Again
10/03/2012 California Governor's Busy Week in Technology
10/02/2012 Will the U.S. Follow Japan's Strict Anti-Piracy Efforts?
10/02/2012 Facebook's Controversial New Ad Strategies
10/02/2012 Gmail Back in Iran After Collateral Ban
09/24/2012 Hybrid Configuration Wizard for Email Hosting
09/24/2012 The Price is Right for Office 365
09/21/2012 Free Cyber Courses for Grandma
09/17/2012 'Sell My iPhone' is the Respectful Way to Say 'Goodbye'
09/14/2012 Google Consents to Including 'Do-Not-Track' Features into its Browsers
09/13/2012 DIY Digital Marketing
09/11/2012 The Filipino Gaming Society
09/11/2012 as the Virtual Learner
09/11/2012 Instagram to Rescue Windows Phone
09/10/2012 Dangerous Celebrity Searches
09/10/2012 Shopping Online: Google vs. Amazon
09/10/2012 Australia's Got Talent in Microsoft Office 365
09/10/2012 Yahoo Heads 'Bing it on' Challenge
09/06/2012 Amateur Hackers Threaten to Expose Romney's Tax Returns
09/05/2012 Apps for Talking Politics with Confidence
09/05/2012 Is the FBI Collecting Apple ID's?
09/05/2012 Was the President's Tablet Compromised?
09/04/2012 My Picks for the Robot Hall of Fame
09/04/2012 Does the Media Side with Debtors?
09/04/2012 Create Apps Now with HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0
09/04/2012 Microsoft Revamps Hosted Cloud Services and Social Network to Better Engage Customers
09/03/2012 Office 365 Apps on Demand
08/28/2012 Woman Sues Law Firm for Threatening to Sue Her
08/28/2012 Hertz Moves to Number One Spot for Airport Car Rentals
08/27/2012 Homeland Security Investigates Security Threats to US Power
08/27/2012 Email Hosting Solution Exchange 2013 Lacks 'Valuable Features'
08/23/2012 China Services War-Torn Syria as other Networks Pull Out
08/22/2012 Using Office 365 On the Go is a Synch
08/21/2012 Is Facebook a Bragging Tool?
08/20/2012 Software Engineer Thinks Email Hosting Solution Exchange 2010 is Complicated
08/20/2012 Facebook's Experiment Reveals Ambitions for More Ads
08/20/2012 Microsoft Proves that Windows Phone App Glitch is No Big Deal
08/15/2012 New Study Shows Correlation Between Internet Use and Depression
08/15/2012 Why Paul Ryan is the Hottest Politician on Facebook
08/15/2012 Office 365 Users Complaining that Mac 2011 Is 'Crap'
08/15/2012 New WreckCheck Mobile App: Do We Really Need an App for That?
08/15/2012 The Rumor about Google's Latest Business Venture
08/14/2012 Burglar Robs Home of Steve Jobs
08/13/2012 WikiLeaks Under Attack: TrapWire Speculated as Culprit
08/13/2012 Cloud-based Email Hosting Web Apps
08/13/2012 Microsoft Says Exchange Flaws will be Fixed by Tomorrow
08/13/2012 Obama's Stance on Warrantless Wiretapping
08/13/2012 Wikis for Work: An Alternate Road to Corporate Unified Communication
08/13/2012 Why Office 365 Will Succeed in the Small Business Market
08/10/2012 Why Office 365 Will Succeed in Small Business Market
08/08/2012 15-Year-Old OD's on Xbox
08/08/2012 Twitter Battles NYPD over Mike Tyson Death Threats
08/07/2012 Verizon vs. Smaller Microsoft Partners
08/07/2012 90 Percent of Canada's Population Has Watched the Olympics
08/06/2012 The Mystery behind the Ghost Town Project in New Mexico
08/06/2012 Cybersecurity Act is Dead, Lieberman and Others React
08/06/2012 Other Debt Collection Agencies Speak Out about Accretive
08/06/2012 An Ideal Email Hosting Solution for Legal Firms
08/03/2012 The TSA's Naughty Behavior Over Nude Scanners
08/03/2012 Exchange Left Vulnerable to Hacks while Microsoft Slacks
08/01/2012 Congress Debates GPS Act
08/01/2012 The Office is History, Remote Work is the Future
07/31/2012 Rock Star Streams Live from Recording Studio
07/30/2012 Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Siri
07/25/2012 Why the EU Has it Out for Google
07/25/2012 YouTube's Free State-of-the-Art Studio in London
07/25/2012 The Shocking Truth about the Debt Collection Industry
07/25/2012 Edit and Publish Videos Like the Pros with SnappyTV
07/25/2012 Waldorf Astoria Amps up Wi-Fi Service
07/24/2012 'Liking' James Holmes on Facebook
07/23/2012 Thoroughbred Racetrack Digitalizes for Opening Season
07/20/2012 Why iPads will Replace iPhones
07/19/2012 Busting Crime Using Social Media
07/17/2012 Skype's Embarrassing 'Glitch'
07/16/2012 What Happens to Your Social Media after You Die?
07/12/2012 An Epic Year for Office 365 Provider Microsoft
07/12/2012 Power Outages in DC Prompt a Bill Proposal for Underground Utility
07/09/2012 Fitch Claims South American Cablevision is Disputable

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