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Shawn Hebert is a web editor and social media manager for several trade publications. For nearly a decade, he has written and managed editorial content for various organizations relating to entertainment, travel and technology in both print and online mediums. He received his degree in communications from Massasoit in Brockton, Mass.

Latest Articles

10/15/2014 AT&T's New Wi-Fi Hub Part of Collaboration Agreement
10/10/2014 Google Voice Creator: With Virtual PBX, Don't Forget the Mobile Workforce
10/02/2014 Waze 3.9 Update Adds New 'Places' Feature
09/24/2014 How to Enable Call Recording on the Galaxy S5
09/16/2014 T-Mobile CEO Says Sprint's 'iPhone for Life' Plan May Disappoint Customers
09/09/2014 Emotion Detection Applications Have Optimistic Future
08/21/2014 HTC One M8 for Windows Lands at Verizon
07/08/2014 Android Wear Stumbles Out of the Gate
06/26/2014 Outsourcing Forms Critical Lever for Integrated Services Model
06/20/2014 Silent Circle's Anti-NSA Blackphone Ships Soon
06/13/2014 More U.S. Businesses Making the Migration from PSTN to SIP Trunking
06/11/2014 Wireless Packet Core Revenue Grows With Mobile Demand
06/09/2014 SAP Takes on Complexity with Simple Finance Cloud Suite
06/06/2014 Addictive Mobility Expands to Canada's West Coast
05/30/2014 USRobotics Ships New Modem with Out-of-the-Box 3G Connectivity
05/29/2014 Samsung Joins Apple and Google in IoT Sector
05/22/2014 Verizon Flips the Switch on Accelerated XLTE Network
05/19/2014 IBM's Watson-powered Elastic Storage Will Slash Cost of Big Data
05/15/2014 Twitter Rolls Out Mute Feature For Those That Don't Want To Offend
05/13/2014 TouchConnect Transitions Contact Center Customers to Online Self-Service
05/01/2014 Microsoft and Motorola Sign Android Licensing Agreement
04/14/2014 Gogo 2Ku Will Boost In-Flight Internet Speeds to 70Mbps
04/11/2014 Samsung's Graphene Breakthrough Could Mean Lighter, Faster Electronics
03/12/2014 311 Call Center Handling Record Number of Concerns
02/27/2014 New LTE Wi-Fi Device to Hit India's Consumer Marketplace
02/19/2014 ScanSource's Expanded Partnership with Motorola Solutions Brings Latest in IMC Products
02/10/2014 New Startup Wants to Eliminate Waiting Periods for Online Quotes
01/23/2014 Bluebird's BM180 Gives Enterprise Customers Complete Customization Control
01/14/2014 IOGEAR's Newest Matrix Switcher Expands Reach with Four Receivers
01/07/2014 Budget Tablets Uncovered at CES
12/12/2013 Call Centers Cashing In On Obamacare Contracts
12/09/2013 Open Data Centers Joins FISPA, Looks Toward Expansion
12/03/2013 Local Towns Take Fiber Into Their Own Hands
11/22/2013 Lightt 3.0 Lands in iOS App Store, Brings Host of New Features With It
11/15/2013 Google Opens App Translation Service to Android Developers
11/07/2013 Viper Launches New Security Kit For Homes
10/29/2013 T-Mobile Unleashes Tablet Frenzy with New Free Data Plan
10/18/2013 Malwarebytes Offers Mobile Security with New Android App
10/09/2013 Claims Recovery Financial Services Brings Jobs to Old JPMorgan Facility
09/24/2013 IBM's $17M Investment Brings Cloud Data Center to Colombia
09/24/2013 Isis Mobile Wallet Faces Big Setback Ahead of National Launch
09/24/2013 iOS 7 Update Causing Network Crash on Campuses
09/24/2013 US Cable Link to Guantanamo May Serve All of Cuba
09/20/2013 Polycom Faces Local Obstacles to Bring CloudAxis to India
09/17/2013 Netflix Monitors Top Trends on Piracy Sites to Help in Content Purchasing
09/10/2013 Wave Your Hands in the Air: Market for Gesture Sensors Sees Rapid Growth
08/23/2013 Global Capacity's API-Centric Platform Sees Continued Expansion
08/09/2013 Premier League Readies Goal-line Tech for Upcoming Season
07/25/2013 A Long And Grueling Road For Nigeria's SIM Card Registration Initiative
07/03/2013 Amazon's GameCircle Loses Kindle Exclusivity, Now Available on Android Devices
06/27/2013 Orion to Provide Communications Backbone for North Dakota Health Information Network
06/14/2013 Android Malware on the Rise, Missing Phones Still Biggest Security Threat
06/11/2013 Comcast Turns Xfinity Modems into Neighborhood Wi-Fi Hotspots
06/07/2013 Mac Mini OS X Server Proves Great for Small Businesses
05/31/2013 Time Warner Cable Deal with Starz Extends 'TV Everywhere'
05/31/2013 Fan TV is Sleek, Sexy and Almost Ready for Your Living Room
05/31/2013 New Survey Shows Banks Slow To Adopt Digital Marketing Strategies
05/31/2013 Time Warner Cable Adjusts Service Appointment Schedules for Customers
05/31/2013 India Sees Record Growth in Video Conferencing among Workers
05/31/2013 Keeping the Senior Mind Healthy with Video Conferencing
05/31/2013 Mobile Labs, Northway Partner for Mobile Device Testing Platform
05/30/2013 Health and Wellness Apps Causing Shift in the Medical Field
05/30/2013 Spotify Finally Adds Social Recommendations with New Discover Page
05/30/2013 Webster Bank Exceeds Mobile Banking Forecast
05/30/2013 Samsung Signs OtterBox to Its Official Partner Program
05/29/2013 QHR and MediResource Partnership Enhances Canada's Digital Disease Management
05/29/2013 Mozilla, Foxconn Team for Potential Firefox Tablet
05/29/2013 Chinese Financial Sites Remain the Same as Online Banking Grows
05/29/2013 T-Mobile Poland Calls on Ericsson for Billing System Development
05/28/2013 Nokia Siemens Networks Details Plans for Optimized Mobile Video
05/28/2013 Zain Group Partners with GENBAND to Deliver Multimedia Services
05/28/2013 Comtech Telecommunications Receives $15.8-Million BFT-1 Order Modification
05/28/2013 Comtech Telecommunications Receives $15.8 Million BFT-1 Order Modification
05/28/2013 Celsion Secures Overseas Patents for Cancer Drug Technology
05/28/2013 O2 and Capita Announce Ten-Year Partnership
05/28/2013 Wilson's Sleek 4G-V Boosts 2G, 3G and 4G LTE Reception
05/28/2013 Cloudmark Looks to Combat Broadband Security Threat
05/28/2013 CESG Teams with Cellcrypt to Secure Mobile Communications
05/28/2013 CellMax Launches New Multiband Antenna Platform
05/28/2013 KORE Joins Newly Launched M2M Council
05/28/2013 Ethernet Celebrates 40 Years, Cloud Adoption May Be Next
05/24/2013 Verizon Selects Ericsson Small Cells to Boost 4G LTE Network
05/24/2013 Rugged CatB15 Android Phone Hits North America
05/24/2013 Around the World with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD
05/23/2013 CallSnap Mobile App Lets Users Respond to Incoming Calls with Pictures
05/23/2013 Amazon Appstore on Android Expands Availability with 5.0 Update
05/23/2013 Growth in Connected Devices Leads to Surge in M2M Software and Services Market
05/23/2013 HeyWire Launches Text Service For Landline Businesses
05/23/2013 Asia Sees Huge Boost in Mobile Financial Services
05/22/2013 Acquires Digital Gifting Platform Giftly
05/22/2013 T-Mobile USA Confirms Support for ISIS Mobile Wallet
05/03/2013 Soundrop's Newest Feature Adds 'Best-of' Genre Playlists
04/26/2013 TV White Space Brings Modern-Day Broadband to Rural Areas
04/16/2013 Scotland's First Spacecraft Preparing to Orbit Earth in 2013
04/15/2013 Scotland's first spacecraft readying to Orbit Earth in 2013
04/03/2013 India's BPO Sector Exports are on the Rise
04/02/2013 CGI Expands Global Presence after Logica Acquisition
03/19/2013 Students Develop Mobile Apps to Help Solve Community Problems
03/19/2013 AT&T U-verse Offering Free Xbox 360, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Sonos Play on Select Packages
03/18/2013 Pinterest Shows Off New Design, Invites Begin Rolling Out

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