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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

10/25/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Back in Business
10/25/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review: The Markets Gain Traction
10/24/2014 Verizon Readies Cash Infusion for Flint Mobile Payment Service
10/24/2014 Asterisk 13 Offers Huge New Update with Long Term Support
10/24/2014 Cloud Communications Platforms a Multi-Billion Dollar Business Soon
10/23/2014 Facebook's 'Rooms' App Drives Social Networking Around Specific Interests
10/23/2014 Pay TV on the Rise in Latin America Thanks to New Features
10/23/2014 Technology: The Forward March of Progress
10/23/2014 How to Do the Best Job of Finding the Best VoIP
10/23/2014 UC & WebRTC: Two Markets Growing Together
10/23/2014 Asterisk Platform Brings New Power to the 'Future of Telephony' with astTECS
10/23/2014 Did Google Glass Spark an Internet Addiction in One User?
10/22/2014 For Online Businesses, 'Customer, Help Thyself' is New Rule of Thumb
10/22/2014 UAE Telecom Firms Prepare for Increased Bandwidth Demand
10/21/2014 Envivio's Halo Puts Extra Spark in Apple's Array of Products
10/21/2014 Illinois Activates Ebola Hotline to Get Information to Concerned Citizens
10/20/2014 Apple Takes Bigger Bite Out of Growing Smartphone Market
10/20/2014 Ohio Brings in a Call Center to Tackle Ongoing Ebola Threat
10/20/2014 IBM Dispatching Chip Division at $1.5 Billion Price Tag
10/18/2014 Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Money Makes the World Go Round
10/18/2014 Unified Communications Week in Review: Of Risks & Rewards
10/18/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND Takes the Reins
10/17/2014 SAP Brings Added Value to Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses for Business Users
10/17/2014 Mozilla, Telefonica Combine to Bring Firefox Hello to WebRTC-Starved Masses
10/17/2014 Apple's New iPad Air 2 Slims Down, Meets Expectations on Arrival
10/17/2014 Tieto, Cisco Combine Forces to Push the Internet of Everything
10/17/2014 Tone Software's ReliaTel 4.5.0 Offers New Power in Unified Communications
10/17/2014 Tone Software's New ReliaTel 4.5.0 Offers New Power in UC
10/17/2014 Microsoft Boosts Skype for Better Use With iPhone 6
10/16/2014 Are Voiceprint Passwords Boon or Bane to Privacy?
10/16/2014 Google Looking into Wireless Service on Par with Google Fiber
10/16/2014 Facebook Safety Check: A Quick Way to Spread the Word You're Okay
10/16/2014 J.D. Power: Smartphone Satisfaction Increasingly a Matter of Operating System
10/16/2014's Puls Smartwatch Offers Strong Features
10/16/2014 An Affordable Swim Coach as Near as Xmetrics
10/16/2014 The Best in Customer Service Software May be a Smartphone Away
10/16/2014 Connected Farmer Alliance Set to Provide Help in Tanzania via SMS
10/16/2014 Westpac Out for the Best in Customer Experience
10/16/2014 SipVine Cracks the Secrets of Business VoIP
10/16/2014 New 'swivelCard' Offers an Edge in Business Cards: USB Functionality
10/15/2014 An $85 Billion Market for Internet of Things Applications in Buildings Alone?
10/15/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: NetScout Set to Land Danaher's Communications Arm
10/15/2014 Google Nexus Player Looks to Tackle Apple TV
10/15/2014 Google Plans Response to SSL 3.0 POODLE Attack
10/15/2014 Terabit Fiber Blown Away in BT, Huawei Testing
10/15/2014 How to Get More Out of the Best in B-to-B Marketing Platforms
10/15/2014 New Loyalty Program Rewards the Long-Time Sprint User
10/14/2014 Virtual Reality Goes to the Movies with New Oculus Tools
10/14/2014 Voice Search Increasingly Popular with Teens, Adults
10/14/2014 Surveillance Equipment for Police Often Comes from Private Donors
10/14/2014 Dropbox Wasn't Hacked, Says Dropbox as Passwords Hit the Web
10/14/2014 WhatsApp May Land VoIP Call, Recording Features
10/14/2014 Google Shopping Express Gets Retooled Down to the Name
10/14/2014 Rise of the Machines at Work: The Ava 500 & Others Join the Work Force
10/13/2014 Amaryllo Announces New Camera Line with WebRTC Functionality
10/13/2014 Intellectual Property Rights Less Cut & Dried in the Cloud
10/13/2014 A Mobile Phone in a Web Browser? Now Possible with Jibe Mobile
10/13/2014 Microsoft's New Android Live Keyboard May Boast Unusual, Key-Free Interface
10/13/2014 Research: Big Moves Ahead for SIP Trunking Market
10/11/2014 The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Product Proving Ground
10/11/2014 Unified Communications Week in Review: Open for Business
10/11/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: WebRTC and its Infrastructure
10/11/2014 Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: The Markets Are Open
10/10/2014 Dear Symantec: A Breakup Letter From Within May Be Approaching
10/10/2014 Deregulation Steps in for Europe's Fixed-Line Telephony Market
10/10/2014 Making Socks Smarter with Sensoria
10/10/2014 Latest Amazon Move Brings Online Store to Brick and Mortar
10/09/2014 Reflective Group's RG Fiber Eager to Build the 'Silicon Prairie'
10/09/2014 Toshiba Glass Gets an Edge on Google Glass with Missing Part
10/09/2014 Virtual Reality to Bring Value to Array of Markets
10/09/2014 Incentive Puts WebRTC to Work in Video Conversations
10/09/2014 Apple Cracks Unexpected New Ground in PC Sales Figures
10/09/2014 Explaining WebRTC: Simple Things to Remember
10/09/2014 Survey: Holiday Shopping Would Go Smoother with Chat
10/08/2014 Is Ebola In Your Area? Check With!
10/08/2014 Providing Great Customer Service in the Age of the 'Comcast Effect'
10/08/2014 Oculus Rift Gets Its Audio with VisiSonics' RealSpace 3D Audio
10/08/2014 RiftSketch Opens Up HTML5 Live Coding for Oculus Rift
10/08/2014 New Plugin Arrives to Bring Web Browsers into WebRTC
10/08/2014 Is Your Business Ready to Go Beyond Just a Week of Good Customer Service?
10/08/2014 Twitter Takes on Government Over National Security Requests
10/08/2014 Windows 10's Surprising Connection to the Internet of Things
10/07/2014 Opera Mini Gives Samsung Gear S Complete Web Browser
10/07/2014 Cathy Jean Shoes Gets a Big Jump from Warp 9
10/07/2014 The Internet of Things has a Walking Lane with Universole
10/07/2014 Tzukuri Sunglasses Prove Almost Impossible to Lose
10/06/2014 Cypher's New Voice-Isolating Software Offers Help for Mobile Calls
10/06/2014 AT&T Fast Off the Line in Connecting Cars
10/06/2014 Better Than One in Three Shoppers Hitting Mobile Devices
10/06/2014 Google & Paramount Partner Promoting 'Interstellar' Release
10/06/2014 Subsonica & Google Team Up to Take Wearable Tech on Tour
10/06/2014 Could Your Next Car be a Hacker?
10/04/2014 Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: To Serve Mobile Man
10/04/2014 Unified Communications Week in Review: Powering Education & Beyond
10/04/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND & NFV Lead the Pack
10/03/2014 Allied Fiber Nearly Ready to Connect the Southeast
10/03/2014 Embarcadero Technologies' Appmethod Drives Development in IoT
10/03/2014 Protect Against Data Breaches? Not Likely, Say SafeNet Survey Respondents
10/03/2014 Going Live With AudioCodes: Demonstration in the Works for One Voice for Hosted Services
10/02/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Locqus Nets Funding to Better Drive Mobile Workforces

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