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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

01/26/2015 Birch Communications Looking for a Few Good Channel Partners at ITEXPO 2015
01/26/2015 Teleperformance Takes High Honors on Everest Group's PEAK Ratings
01/26/2015 The Internet of Things Market Gets a Big Push from Identiv Labs
01/26/2015 Video Conferencing Has Greater Impact Outside Meeting Rooms, Says New Study
01/24/2015 Unified Communications Week in Review: Broadsoft, Vitelity, Tadiran
01/24/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Sequans, Google Translate, GENBAND
01/23/2015 HID Global Looks at 2015 in Secure Identity
01/23/2015 Mr. Foss Goes to Washington
01/23/2015 ITEXPO Gets New Keynote From Mitel's Rich McBee
01/23/2015 Vertical Communications' Kevin Butler Readies ITEXPO Panel Appearance
01/23/2015 This Year's Technology is Shaped in Part by Six Familiar Forces
01/22/2015 ECN Capital's New Platform Brings New Power to Invest in Real Time Communications
01/22/2015 Millennial Customers Big Target, But Call for New Tactics
01/22/2015 Konica Minolta Steps Into the Mobile Workforce Arena
01/22/2015 Looking For Cheap, Unlimited Wi-Fi? FreedomPop May be the Answer
01/21/2015 Swisscom Offers Swiss Banks Something New: Crealog Mobile Voice Recording
01/21/2015 Digium & Jenne Strike Cloud Master Agent Agreement to Drive Further Business
01/21/2015 Autobots, Roll Out: Self-Driving Cars Getting Ready for Canadian Roads
01/21/2015 Infant Care Gets a Virtual Edge with Tele-Maternity Technology
01/21/2015 Looking Down Under for M2M Market Gains as Australian Boom Begins
01/20/2015 Chrome OS to Get Major Boost with Remote Desktop Sharing
01/20/2015 Unlock the Best in Customer Experience with a Mission Focus
01/20/2015 Seven Dwarves Take Note: How Real Time Communications Will Aid Mining
01/20/2015 Did Video Conferencing Kill the Road Warrior?
01/20/2015 Is the Progressive Insurance Car Dongle a Free Pass for Hackers?
01/20/2015 Business Supplying Personal Customer Experiences Thanks to Digital Commerce
01/19/2015 Maestro Rechargeable System Allows Weight Loss Through Sensory Manipulation
01/19/2015 3CX Phone System 12.5 Boasts WebRTC Edge
01/19/2015 Logitech Lifesize Broadens Presence with New Releases
01/19/2015 Does Google Have Its Eye on Softcard?
01/17/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Atlas, Facebook, Text Request
01/17/2015 Unified Communications Week in Review: INVOIP, GENBAND, and Activision
01/16/2015 Patton SmartNode Open Gateway Appliance Offers First-in-its-Class Features for SMB Market
01/16/2015 Convergys Makes Its Leadership Known: Four Straight Years of Gartner Wins
01/16/2015 VoicePad Plans TeamPhone Debut at Upcoming Event
01/16/2015 How a 3D-Printed Model Meant Life and Death to One Little Girl
01/16/2015 Localytics: Engaged App User Counts Skyrocket, Hit Peak in December
01/16/2015 Infonetics Research: Huge Gains to Come in Mobile M2M Modules
01/15/2015 Frost & Sullivan: 2015 a Bell-Ringer for Healthcare
01/15/2015 Bushel Puts All Your Apples in One Secure Basket
01/15/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Cloud-Based Mobile Payments Firm Mezido Takes Majority Stake in CorFire
01/15/2015 iBeacon-Based uRevu: Customer Service Now Better With Wearables
01/15/2015 Facebook At Work: Marketing Tool, Not Firing Offense
01/14/2015 Customer Surveys Likely to be Major Part of 2015
01/14/2015 Want More Digital Consumers? Cisco's Key: Be Ultra Relevant
01/14/2015 Word Lens, Faster Translations Means a Better Google Translate Experience
01/14/2015 Facebook Set to Bolster Amber Alert System with News Feed
01/14/2015 Video Conferencing Equipment Faces a Market in Flux
01/13/2015 Cradlepoint & Zscaler Get Together to Reinforce the Branch Office
01/13/2015 Small Businesses: Drop Your Communications Costs With VoIP
01/13/2015 The Apple Watch Will Have Samsung Components
01/13/2015 Sonus Networks Lands Treq Trove of SDN in $10 Million Deal
01/13/2015 CENTCOM Under Fire as Pro-ISIS Hackers Seize Twitter, YouTube Accounts
01/13/2015 The Big Difference Between Customer Service & Customer Experience
01/12/2015 Text Request Puts Real Time Communications to Work in Customer Contact
01/12/2015 It's Rise of the Generics as Video Equipment Prices Take a Beating
01/12/2015 Gym Operators Finding Double Trouble from Wearables & Higher Rents
01/12/2015 Government Body Taps Ingate Systems, eTechHelp to Bring Cisco & Office 365 Together
01/10/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: 3CX, AVST, SageNet
01/09/2015 CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick Offers a Tablet's Power in a Thumb Drive's Footprint
01/09/2015 Developing for Microsoft Mobile? Microsoft Offers Tips to Succeed
01/09/2015 New Report Breaks Down the Customer Analytics Market Through 2019
01/09/2015 Japan Prepares for 2020 Olympics Action with New Interpretation Call Center
01/09/2015 Apple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this March
01/09/2015 Apple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this MarchApple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this March
01/08/2015 Opera's New Blink-Based HTML5 Rendering Engine to Drive Smart TV, Android Devices
01/08/2015 How to Bring the Best in Customer Service in 2015
01/08/2015 InfoVista's Five Step Model Gets Communications Service Providers Ready for SDN and NFV
01/08/2015 CES 2015: PubNub Brings Secure Communication to Atmel IoT Products
01/07/2015 Cisco: Real Time Analytics, Fog Computing, Huge for Companies in 2015
01/07/2015 SIP Usage on the Rise as Three Companies in Four Turn to UC
01/07/2015 Yorktel Takes New Prominence in Cloud and Managed Services with ISO 27001 Certification
01/07/2015 3CX: The Age of Hype in WebRTC is Over
01/07/2015 Spree SmartCap Offers Fitness Monitoring Off the Top of Your Head
01/07/2015 To Engage Employees, Ask the Right Questions
01/06/2015 AVST's CX-E UC Platform Nets Interoperability Certification from GENBAND
01/06/2015 Airtel VoIP, Net Neutrality, and the Indian Connection
01/06/2015 Your Next Tablet Could Be Your Next Phone
01/06/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: MRS BPO, American Capital Recovery Combine Efforts in Consumer Debt Collection
01/06/2015 Does Verizon Have its Eyes on AOL?
01/06/2015 New Layer in Job Interview Process: Video Chat
01/06/2015 New Layer in Job Interview Process: Video Chat
01/05/2015 WebRTC on Mobile Can Be a Challenge, But Well Worth the Effort
01/05/2015 It's Another Comcastic Day as Comcast Brushes Off Call Recording
01/05/2015 Report: NSA Vexed by VoIP
01/05/2015 How One Car Crash Shut Down Most of a Morning's Work for 10,000
01/05/2015 WestconGroup Taps Industry Veterans to Step Up Leadership Ranks
01/05/2015 VHA National Call Center Answering Machines Spark Concern
01/05/2015 The Next Level of Videoconferencing: Mobile Use, Point of Contact
12/31/2014 BOND Taps Telzio to Better Client Communications
12/31/2014 Mountain Leverage Joins eBay Enterprise for Voice Services
12/31/2014 Debt Lookup Makes Debt Collection Process Easier on Consumers
12/31/2014 Amazon Loses Ground in Answers Corporation Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
12/31/2014 Password Security Proves a Thorny Issue for Online Shoppers
12/30/2014 Vilynx Offers Insight Into Video's True Effectiveness
12/30/2014 WebRTC and Wearables Combine in Plantronics Innovations
12/30/2014 New York Call Center Closure Bill Now Law
12/30/2014 Windows 10 May Boast New Browser Changes in IE Spartan
12/30/2014 Amazon Prime Racks Up Big Holiday Season with Mobile Growth
12/30/2014 GENBAND Shows Off WebRTC Prowess

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