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Kayvon is a co-founder of Blogchapter and a student. He has been involved in Web design and freelance writing for over three years. He writes about any topic related to the Internet, mobile technology, and video games. He is an avid lover of startups and enjoys reading about the latest and greatest ideas.

Latest Articles

08/14/2013 CloudZync Launches Mobile Payment App 'Zync Wallet'
08/13/2013 Streamweaver Releases on App Stores, Allows for Mobile Creation of Split-Screen Video
07/23/2013 iTunes Surpasses One Billion Podcast Subscriptions
07/16/2013 Fitness and Sports App Market to Grow 63 Percent by 2017
07/09/2013 Shazam Gets $40M Investment from America Movil
07/05/2013 YouTube Introduces YouTube Pro to Provide Content Producers Some Guidance
07/05/2013 YouTube Introduces Youtube Pro to Provide Content Producers Some Guidance
07/05/2013 YouTube Introduces YouTube Pro to Content Producers Some Guidance
07/05/2013 YouTube Introduces Youtube Pro to Content Producers Some Guidance
07/02/2013 Unison Announces Communication Apps for Business People
06/28/2013 ABI Research Values Mobile App Market at $27B in 2013
06/20/2013 Hudson Fiber Network to Provide SDN for Financial Industry
06/20/2013 CenturyLink Acquires AppFog
06/11/2013 Panoramic Photo Accessory BubblePod Starts Kickstarter
06/10/2013 Heineken Signs Deal with Orange Business Services
06/06/2013 Wii U Basic Model Rumored to be Getting Recall
06/05/2013 Perfecto Mobile Announces Support For Voice Recognition Applications
06/04/2013 Android Shipments to Double in 2016 According to Analyst Report
05/30/2013 Pete Palmer Joins MedAllies Senior Leadership
05/28/2013 En Pointe Joins Windows Azure Circle Partner Program
05/22/2013 Unity Makes Mobile Development Tools Free
05/21/2013 AVG Launches Two New Apps for Android
05/20/2013 DragonWave and Electrodata Working on Expansion in Peru
05/16/2013 Gainspan Signs Distribution Partnership with Future Electronics
05/15/2013 BLU Announces Three New Smartphones
05/14/2013 Enterasys Network Releases Survey Data About Top Channel Trends
04/15/2013 hopTo Beta is Available for Download
04/01/2013 HTC One Delayed Until Late April
03/25/2013 New Red Bend Software to Help with Future Android OS Updates
03/25/2013 Google Rumored to Also Be Developing a Smartwatch
03/19/2013 GameSkinny Receives $2 Million in Series B Funding
02/22/2013 Quixey Partners with Sprint
02/19/2013 Telefonica Partners with FeedHenry for Cloud-Based Apps
01/28/2013 Research Finds Frontrunners of the Mobile Wallet Race
01/17/2013 NASA Partners with Bigelow for Inflatable Room Project
01/17/2013 Carestream Health Enjoys Advantages with Xactly
01/15/2013 New Report from Linley Group Analyzes Semiconductors
01/14/2013 Sandvine Releases Earnings Report and Adds New Board Member
01/11/2013 Britain Deploys eLoran to Combat the Jamming of GPS Devices
12/31/2012 VoIP and Why You Should Make the Switch Now
12/28/2012 SherWeb's SkyOffice is an Extension of Office 365
12/26/2012 Service Stream Chooses Office 365
12/26/2012 Google Offers Quickoffice App Complete with Office 365
12/20/2012 CloudOn Version 3.0 is Debuted
12/20/2012 Office 365 Syndication Strategy Continues with Telenor
12/18/2012 SherWeb's Office 365 Looks Increasingly Appealing Amid Google Apps Price Hike
12/10/2012 Office 365: Google Axes Basic Apps Plan, Streamlines Business Offering
12/03/2012 Department of Veterans Affairs Shifts to Office 365
11/20/2012 Loudhouse Survey Shows Resilience of Email Hosting in the Business World
11/20/2012 VanillaSoft Telemarketing Software is Very Important to Entrepreneurs
11/19/2012 Intermedia Unveils Support for Email Hosting Solution Exchange, Sharepoint, and Lync
11/12/2012 Virtualization with Email Hosting Solution Microsoft Exchange
10/29/2012 MCB Bank Adopts Microsoft Email Hosting Technology
10/22/2012 Pestana to use MICROS OPERA in Brazilian Properties
09/24/2012 Gazelle Extends Price Lock in Wake of iPhone 5 Sales
09/10/2012 ATEME Receives 2012 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration Leadership
08/20/2012 Leviton Announces New USB Charging Device
08/17/2012 ShopChat Creates a Social Shopping Experience
08/16/2012 D30 Polymer Helps Prevent Phone Damage
08/14/2012 New Apple Patent Points to Better iPhone and iPad Screens
08/14/2012 Birch Communications Finalizes DayStar Acquisition
08/13/2012 Post Honan Hack, Google Pushing Two-Factor Verification
08/07/2012 Cadec's PowerVue Solution will Now Utilize Verizon's M2M Management Center
08/06/2012 Infonetic Survey Reveals Dominance of Cisco in IP STBs
08/06/2012 NTP Reaches Patent Settlement with Majority of Tech Industry
08/03/2012 Sanofi Pasteur Rolling Out Six More Vaccines with 2D Barcode Technology
08/03/2012 Google Invests in Finnish Data Center
08/02/2012 Cloud Services Can Provide a Home and a Purpose for Big Data
08/02/2012 Leads360 Improves Musician's Institute Admissions with CRM Solution
08/02/2012 Analysts Predict Competitive Pricing for New Office 365 Subscriptions
08/02/2012 NaviSite Powers a Large Array of Innovative Cloud Services
07/31/2012 EnerTech Capital Continues North American Energy Strategy, Leads N-Dimension Funding
07/30/2012 Judge States Samsung Failed to Preserve E-mail Evidence
07/30/2012 Microsoft's Surface Tablet Could Repel OEMs
07/27/2012 HearUSA Picks as Cloud Storage Provider
07/26/2012 Spanish Call Center Company Looks to Pay Off Debt
07/26/2012 Apple Removes App with a Windows Virus
07/24/2012 Google Will Bring Some Light to Google Fiber on Thursday
07/24/2012 Olympic Games Means Olympic Theft: Over 65k Phones Expected to Go Missing in London
07/23/2012 Windows 8 to Offer One-Week Free Trial for Apps
07/23/2012 Adobe Launches, Updates Mobile Offerings in the Education Niche
07/23/2012 Apple to Downsize the Pin Connector in the Next iPhone
06/29/2012 Openstack Software to Support VDI
06/27/2012 Cisco Survey Reveals Business Owners Plan on Working Remotely this Summer
06/22/2012 Enterprise Fax Proves to be Incredibly Reliable Again and Again
06/21/2012 DeLorme Creates Partnership with Australian Satellite Service
06/21/2012 Portwell's New Appliance Offers Versatility and Better LAN Throughput
06/18/2012 New Jersey Contemplates Penalizing Call Center Outsourcing
06/18/2012 Samsung Patents for a Bluetooth Enabled Stylus
06/13/2012 Sprint Network Vision Moves Forward
06/13/2012 Amazon Finally Gets Cloud Player on iOS
06/12/2012 Damballa Enhances its CSP Cyber Threat Solution
06/11/2012 OVCC Looks to Begin Initial Offering of Video Conferencing Tools
06/06/2012 Russian Wiretapping has Doubled Over Four Years
06/05/2012 Verizon Releases New App for Easier Movie and TV Show Search
06/04/2012 Avnet Introduces Cloud Solutions
06/04/2012 ReconRobotics Establishes International Headquarters in Switzerland
06/01/2012 Quark Acquires MobileIQ
06/01/2012 Bitponics, A Kickstarter Project for Urban Gardeners
06/01/2012 Windstream Expands Its Technology Suite to Las Vegas

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