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Wayne Adam is a freelancer, author and poet. He is educated in IT and has worked at both cellular and tradeshow industries. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and rescued dogs, and is a contributor for Renaissance Magazine.

Latest Articles

04/01/2014 Apple's 'GoToFail' Security Flaw Leaves High Concerns
03/28/2014 Comings & Goings: Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green Moves to Applications and Services
03/27/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: ClickSoftware Acquires Xora
03/24/2014 Comings & Goings: Antony Vigar Appointed Azzurri's Head of Business Development
03/24/2014 Top Mobile and Telco Predictions for 2014
03/20/2014 GSMA 2014 Report Cites Licensed Spectrum Best for Mobile Broadband
03/17/2014 ActiveTrust Deemed the Latest Tool in Cybersecurity Intelligence
03/17/2014 TeleVoice Sees Growth in 2013
03/11/2014 Mobile Security: Big Business with High Risk
03/11/2014 Report: Australian Small Business Missing Out on VoIP Benefits
03/04/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: AccountNow Acquisitions Allow Customers Prepaid Wireless Services
03/03/2014 Meritus Health chooses Explorys' Enterprise for ACO Initiatives
02/25/2014 TelePREOP Spotlights Centralized Nursing and Telemedicine
02/24/2014 HTML5 Video Developers Get Instructions on Interactivity
02/19/2014 IIT-Madras and GE team up for Affordable Healthcare
02/18/2014 FirstIn Wireless Android App Aims to Reduce Roaming and Long Distance Charges
02/18/2014 Xirrus Launches Wireless Arrays at Port of Anacortes
02/13/2014 Comings & Goings: John Blount Promoted to President at tw telecom
02/11/2014 Payday Loans Backing Rents and Mortgages in UK
02/07/2014 Asia's Bridge Alliance Forms Region's M2M Association
02/05/2014 New FreeSWITCH GUI Released by jtel
02/03/2014 Workday Replaces Flash and Retools for HTML5
01/31/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Teliphone Corp. Sells off Navigata-Westel Communication Inc.
01/31/2014 Comings & Goings: Radisys' Nierenberg Resigns from Board
01/31/2014 Comings & Goings: Radisys' Nierenberg Resigns from Broad
01/27/2014 Microsoft a Top Contender for PaaS Application
01/27/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: FaktorTel Acquires ATPNet Customer Base
01/22/2014 Wireless Registry Debuts Global Registry for Internet of Things
01/21/2014 Ericsson-LG's 2013 Innovator of the Year Goes to Presence Management
01/20/2014 Comings & Goings: FlexITy Taps Rob Vos for VP of Sales and Operations
01/16/2014 CounterPath ITSP Partner Program Targets Tech Savvy Mobile Users
09/18/2013 AWS GovCloud Helps Feds Defend Against Cyber Threats
08/22/2013 Skype Wi-Fi Network Expands with Help From iPass
08/19/2013 Universities Strive to Standardize M2M Protocols
08/13/2013 Protelindo Gets $50M Boost from IFC
08/12/2013 Karen Kane Reveals Use of ChannelAdvisor for Online Advertising
08/12/2013 Karen Kane Partners with ChannelAdvisor for Online Advertising
08/06/2013 Chevy Cruze 2014 Creates 'Perfect Storm'
07/30/2013 DSP Group, Sensory to Offer Voice Activation and Wearable Devices
07/29/2013 NY Disabilities Abuse Hotline Logs 5k Calls upon Debut
07/24/2013 Netlist Makes New Credit Deal with Fortress Investment Group
07/15/2013 Harris Communications Releases FCC-Compliant Cell Phone Boosters
07/15/2013 M2M to Support Weightless Technology
07/03/2013 Retailers Put Spy Eye on Shoppers
07/03/2013 Free Apps an Open Door to Cyber Criminals
07/01/2013 Talend and Neo Tech Team Up to Give Big Databases NoSQL
07/01/2013 Skycore Launches QR Code for Mobile Wallet
06/27/2013 Skycore Lunches QR Code for Mobile Wallet
05/30/2013 Looxcie HD Explore Focuses on Social Media
05/29/2013 SAP Mobile Delivers Complete Device Management Solution
05/24/2013 BoxTone to Support Blackberry 10
05/23/2013 CourseSmart Upgrades Mobile App
05/22/2013 New NetApp Connect Offers Security of Corporate Data
05/22/2013 e-Cycle Receives Blackberry Global Achievement Award
04/29/2013 Bharti Airtel to Buy Warid Telecom Uganda
04/29/2013 Wavien Presents Recycling Light Technology
04/29/2013 Coupa on the Fast Track in Expense Management
04/29/2013 Wavien Presents Recycling Light Technology
04/24/2013 Clipboard Now Performing File Uploads
04/24/2013 Apple, Samsung Spearhead Tech Firms, Raise $32M for China Earthquake
04/24/2013 TESSCO and BLiNQ Team Up for X-100 System
04/18/2013 Cardless CAS Estimated to Grow to 21.5M Units by 2017
04/16/2013 Report Notes Sign-ups for Singapore's NFC Are "Slow"
04/16/2013 Acquia Releases Mobile App Code for Drupal Create
04/16/2013 Juniper's Handhelds Get RFID Reader
04/15/2013 HP Launches Cloud-Based Management Solution to Enhance Enterprise Mobility
04/15/2013 Case Study Highlights United's Improved Performance
04/12/2013 Texas Farm Bureau Chooses Sapiens for Business Lines
04/11/2013 Green Wire's New Service Agreement Brings Backlog of $10M
04/11/2013 GreenBytes Virtual Technology Secures $7M
04/10/2013 Mobile Wallet Study Concludes Security and Incentives Needed
04/10/2013 M2M Keeps Up With Your Heavy Equipment
04/09/2013 M2M Works for Heavy Equipment
04/05/2013 Verisk Debuts Auto Rating Rules
04/03/2013 Pivot: the New Face of Television
04/02/2013 And the Silver Telly Award Goes to Texas A&M
04/02/2013 Google Glass Home Invasion
04/02/2013 Consider a Translator App for Google Glass...
03/27/2013 Spotify Ends UK Five Play Limit
03/25/2013 NVIDIA Releases the First Visual Computing Appliance
03/25/2013 Debt Collector Offers Debt Tips to Consumers
03/25/2013 Real Estate Deals Profit with MGIS
03/20/2013 UAE Powers Up the World's Biggest Solar Station
03/20/2013 Sony Offers Xperia Sp, Xperia L Smartphones in 2013
03/15/2013 Uber Expands to Lyon, France
03/15/2013 Iran Cracks Down on the Internet
03/08/2013 Breakthrough Tech Group Honored by AT&T Third Year in a Row
03/08/2013 UK's Sanguine Hospitality Acquired by Interstate Hotels & Resorts
03/08/2013 Vue PACS Makes Impact in Rural Healthcare
03/08/2013 Vue PACS makes Impact in Rural Healthcare
03/08/2013 Twilio Mirrors Facebook's App Funding
02/26/2013 SpiderCloud Partners with Tango to Deliver Mobile Unified Communications
02/26/2013 AnywhereCommerce Attains EMV L2 Certification for Mobile Chip and PIN
02/26/2013 Anywhere Commerce Attains EMV L2 Certification for Mobile Chip and PIN
02/26/2013 Use of Tissue Sealants and Topical Haemostats on the Rise
02/25/2013 JVM Realty Selects Virtual Office Solution for Increased Efficiency
02/25/2013 New Customer Experience Assurance Solution to be Demoed Live at MWC 2013
02/21/2013 Landsat V Inducted into Guinness World Records
02/21/2013 Al-Wakra Hospital Gets i.v.STATION for Pediatrics Unit
02/15/2013 Feds Go Mobile with Neutered iPads

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