April 25, 2012

HTC and Facebook to Launch Smartphone

Over the past year, several variations of a Facebook (News - Alert) phone have surfaced in the headlines. Today, DigiTimes is reporting that HTC (News - Alert) is teaming up with the social network to create a “customized platform exclusive to Facebook,” meaning it’s a phone with all the bells and whistles reminiscent of the social site.

DigiTimes says HTC going for the Facebook phone as a way of answering to Google's (News - Alert) decision to make its Nexus phones with Samsung.

Of course, the criticism is that DigiTimes hasn’t exactly had accurate predictions as of late, so this could very well just be rumored speculation and not exactly reliable.

The report says to expect the new device sometime in the third quarter of 2012. There are no specifications as of yet on the new HTC smartphone but it is said that it will a have all the functions and capabilities of the actual Facebook page.

In 2011, rumors of a new Facebook smartphone started to spread but focus then turned toward Facebook corporate purchases like Instagram.

The Instagram application updates social photography sites like Yahoo's Flickr or Google's Picasa by focusing on camera-equipped smartphones — first Apple's iPhone and recently phones running Google's Android (News - Alert) system.

Zuckerberg said he is “committed to building and growing Instagram independently,” allowing its user base of millions to exist outside of the Facebook walled garden. He promised users that not only will Instagram remain able to post to other social networks, but Facebook will keep it possible for Instagram users to keep their photos from their Facebook friends' eyes. Users will also be able to follow users on multiple networks, he said.

Zuckerberg called the Instagram acquisition “an important milestone” that marks Facebook's first purchase of an established company with a massive and loyal user base.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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